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20. Sarah’s Story: How to pivot to your dream career

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Want to change careers? Maybe you’re ready to start that tarot reading business or fully commit to offering past life regressions. I know all too well the nagging feeling of not being in the right career. I was caught in the wrong career for too long and I started taking it out on everybody around me including my boss and my husband.

This episode focuses on my story of starting this podcast and pivoting my career to being in entertainment. Originally I started a cape company and was doing both a 9-5 job while building my new fashion brand. The cape company never sat right with me. I still had this nagging feeling of dread and I was completely burnt out working both jobs.

Eventually, I finally admitted to myself that I was meant to be in entertainment. After saying it out loud and revisiting my fear and resentment towards it I came up with the idea of this podcast. I talk about how I made that transition, how I financed the change, and what my plans are moving forward.

Hopefully, this story will inspire you to take the leap and commit to a career that brings you happiness.

Show notes:

Resources Discussed:

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Quotes from Sarah Cohan:

“I was lying on the floor, scream-crying at my husband. I'm not proud of it, but it's where I was. It’s the truth. I just thought to myself, I'm depleted. Something about this isn't working.”

“I got over all of my pride and I signed up for unemployment and that was a really big deal for me. I was so embarrassed to accept that help. But basically, I realized that I had a whole lineup of plans to sell capes that summer, and they were all canceled because of COVID. So yeah, I should be getting some help.”

“I just feel so incredibly grateful that I've had this kind of sacred moment to actually spend time doing what I love.”

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