We can live a life with more ease by attuning to ourselves with radical self-acceptance. 

My readings are trauma-informed and rooted in attachment theory, inner child and shadow work.

I offer 50-minute sessions on the topics below.

All sessions are $125.

In each session we'll go deep on the specific topic you are working on.

After the session I provide an email followup with tools, resources, and suggested exercises. 

Attune to yourself today.

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Money anxiety is real whether you're anxiety is about not having enough or having too much, we've all experienced it. These shadows are formed early and buried deep. Let's uncover them so you can start thinking, earning, spending, saving, and investing money with ease.

Attunement Session

I will connect with your guides using the tarot to ground into your presence. Based on the cards we will use trauma-informed tools to illuminate your path.


Are you working on calling in the one or refining an existing partnership. Relationship and attachment shadows are formed when we are very young. Let's uncover your patterns and get you on the path to relationship satisfaction.