Come manifest with me. I'll help you make those big scary life goals, like starting a business, buying a house, moving across the country, or landing your dream job a reality. 

"Sarah is darling! A breath of fresh air. She is funny, kind and a joy to work with." -Kara

Here's the thing. I've got tons of experience with manifestation. I've tried every technique.


I've watched several clients manifest huge things. The secret to manifestation is that we all manifest differently.

Yup, we are all unique, beautiful, gorgeous, delicate, snowflakes.​

During our session together I'll ask you some questions about your manifestation goals. We'll go deep on what is holding you back and your next steps. I may pull in some divination work with tarot, astrology, or human design.

When you book a session I will ask for your birth chart information including birth date, time, and location.

Start manifesting the life that you're dreaming of. You can have everything that you imagine. Trust me I'm living proof that anything is possible.

Schedule a FREE 30-minute clarity call to get started. 

"Sarah really creates a safe space to process and share, which makes her sessions all the more productive to personal growth." -Julie D.

"This manifestation workshop was very helpful in setting goals. Not only did we talk about what we want to create for ourselves, Sarah also gave us some great tools to use in our everyday lives to help bring these goals into reality." - Leahanna Rovere

"Sarah's method of goal setting has shifted the way I look at goals more broadly and I am excited to bring it into my every day." - Emily Regan Byrne

Manifestation Goal Setting Session - $150