✨Are you sick of tumultuous relationships?

✨Are you tired of making new relationships that lead to burnout and feeling disconnected?

✨Have you tried therapy and you're still not making any progress?

✨Are you ready for connected and supported relationships this year?

If this sounds like you, then you, my friend, are in the right place.


I offer one on one coaching to fearful-avoidant women who struggle with chaotic relationships to recondition their fears and understand their needs so that they can feel supported and safe in relationships again.

Hi! I'm Sarah Cohan.

I am a recovering fearful-avoidant which means I inconsistently oscillated from anxious-preoccupied to dismissive-avoidant attachment in my relationships.


I grew up with a lot of unhealed trauma. I didn't understand why I was always comparing myself to others and feeling unsafe most of the time. I used to run hot and cold in relationships and had mega trust issues.


Using attachment theory I have developed an understanding of my feelings, my needs, and deep respect for boundaries.


I have reprogrammed old fears and beliefs that were outdated and developed tools to communicate to my loved ones, family, and bosses in order to feel safe and supported in my relationships.

I know you can leave behind your old stories and step into the securely lit life that is your birthright.

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"Sarah is darling! A breath of fresh air. She is funny, kind, and a joy to work with." - Kara

Real results

Kara healed from a divorce


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✔️ Proven framework and roadmap to heal your attachment style

✔️ Quick relationship tools with massive results

✔️ Tools and scripts to turn your current relationship around or successfully start dating again

✔️ Deep dive into all areas of life not just relationships and dating

✔️ Trauma-informed coaching certified in Integrated Attachment Theory

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Julie created new habits to build her biz

"Sarah really creates a safe space to process and share, which makes her sessions all the more productive to personal growth."

Julie D.


"Sarah's method of goal setting has shifted the way I look at goals more broadly and I am excited to bring it into my every day."

Emily Regan Byrne 

What's included

✔️ One on one 60-minute video calls 

✔️ Personalized coaching plan based on your unique attachment style

✔️ Worksheets and somatic meditations to solidify tools

✔️ Access to all of my virtual workshops

✔️ Unlimited email support from me 


Coaching Price

$175 per session