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Sarah Cohan is an Integrated Attachment Coach and the hilarious host of the Lit AF podcast. She offers one on one coaching to people who struggle with chaotic relationships so that they can feel supported and safe in relationships again.

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Inspired by the truth that we are all born worthy, Lit AF is a hilarious and inclusive podcast created to empower you exactly where you are right now on your road to secure attachment. It's here to support you living the lit life that you deserve.

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We focus on conversations about personal and spiritual growth with attachment theory in mind to help you heal, discover, and fall in love with yourself.

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Consider this the place to go to for tips, tools, and inspiration for living the securely lit life you were born to live.

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Lit AF Podcast

It's the podcast that makes you feel like they're right there in your living room having a chat with friends. It's hilarious and approachable. And every convo is with the different attachment style needs in mind. 

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Let's get to know each other


I'm Sarah Cohan the host of Lit AF podcast and attachment coach. I'm a recovering fearful-avoidant that loves all things personal growth, woo, and healing. I don't do anything unless I'm also having fun. And I find everything is better in community. 

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