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About Lit AF Podcast

Lit AF started as a podcast to share my love of storytelling with the world.

I wanted to highlight people that made me feel lit up when I was around them.

This slowly turned into a weekly podcast highlighting coaches, teachers, intuitives, and brave souls that have looked inward in order to shine brighter.


Now it is  place to learn more about personal growth with a serious dose of self-acceptance and humor.


Photos from the first Lit AF podcast interview with Cassandra Love Lambert an amazing body artist and certified EFT coach. We talked about how to sparkle from inside out and bedazzled our faces.


Me at my first photo shoot. I wanted head shots for this website. I was so nervous leading up to it. I still can't believe how happy I am with this photo. :)

About Sarah Cohan

I was born and raised around Monterey Bay in California. You can tell from my thick Californian accent that I consciously picked up from Cher on Clueless. The 90's were awesome.

I was the middle child growing up and I took my people-pleasing peace-keeper role very seriously.

At the age of four I wanted very badly to go to the Olympics for gymnastics but after breaking my arm in my first gymnastics class I switched to ballet. 

I am still dancing to this day.

I am known for my laugh which can be heard from far away. People have used it to find parties in a park.

I've lived in San Francisco for over 13 years. It's my favorite hodge podge of a city.

Human Design


6/3 Profile​

Emotional Authority


Virgo Sun

Taurus Moon

Sagittarius Rising

Attachment Style

Moving to Secure​

Previously Fearful-Avoidant

Leaning Dismissive-Avoidant

Favorite Dish

A classic cheese plate.

Favorite Creative Outlet

Dancing!!!! You can catch me on Tik Tok.

Favorite Song

6's to 9's by

Big Wild

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Favorite Show

Friday Night Lights (Great example of secure attachments )

My journey of “the work” started in 2019. I was working a job that I was very unhappy in.


At the same time, I was starting my own business. I was losing my mind doing both things at the same time.


I was barely able to set boundaries. I blamed everyone for all of this anger and resentment that I had inside me. I was working all the time and I ran myself ragged.

On top of that, I was using alcohol to cope with my feelings and smoking at least one Juul pod a day.

I realized that despite years of therapy and couples counseling I needed more tools to live a satisfied life.

Interview with Psychologist

Dr. Ann Tran


This is me. Accepting myself exactly as I am.

I decided to take radical action.

After a particularly ugly moment screaming at the floor. I joined a manifestation program, and met an amazing community that was also doing "the work".


I started learning about my attachment style which helped me understand the WHY behind my actions and reactions. 

I started learning about astrology, human design, intuition, meditation, time travel, and neuroscience. 


I finally came to this amazing realization that I am accepted. I am whole. I am worthy. Same as YOU. 

Sharing stories, tips, and tools is my life's mission to help you accept yourself JUST as you are. Not ten pounds lighter. Or with $10,000 more in the bank. Or with a partner by your side. Literally just as you are right now.

So, now you know all about me. Here are a few Lit AF episodes to get you started.