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Hi! I'm Sarah

Sarah Cohan is a relationship and communication coach. She helps folx end old relationship patterns like people-pleasing and codependency in order to show up confidently in secure relationships.


She is a certified integrated attachment coach and somatic experiencing practitioner. You can find her on the Lit AF podcast where she covers topics like dating, boundary communication, attachment styles, and long-term relationships.

Sarah cohan wearing blue tie dye sweater attachment styles coach

About Sarah Cohan

I grew up with a lot of unhealed trauma. I didn't understand why I was always comparing myself to others and feeling unsafe most of the time. I used to run hot and cold in relationships and had mega trust issues.


Using attachment theory I have developed an understanding of my feelings, my needs, and deep respect for boundaries.


I have reprogrammed old fears and beliefs that were outdated and developed tools to communicate to my loved ones, family, and bosses in order to feel safe and supported in my relationships.

It's my passion to share these healing tools with others in order to live with safe and supportive relationships. It's a real game changer!

Sarah Cohan in purple and pink leopard print jumpsuit attachment styles coach
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Personal Responsibility

Own your emotions and actions. Even though you're not responsible for your past trauma you are responsible for healing it.


Be open to change and transformation. We are committed to providing a transformative experience across all our work.


Being honest with yourself and others around you is the most important element to growth. 


We believe every person regardless of race, gender, ableness, or sexual orientation is equal and deserving of love. We strive to serve the needs of these communities.


Healing can and should be fun. We do not use fun or laughter as an escape but rather as a tool for healing and self-soothing.


When we are wrong we are committed to owning, communicating, and repairing the issue. 

Sarah coaches and records on occupied Ohlone tribal territory. She honors and celebrates the original stewards of this beautiful land. 

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