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Sarah Cohan attachment style coach helping you find safe and supportive relationships wears black jumpsuit against rocky background



Sarah Cohan is a relationship and communication coach. She helps folx end old relationship patterns like people-pleasing and codependency in order to show up confidently in secure relationships. 

Transform the way trust, share, and communicate with others.

Discover your relationship attachment style

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Lit AF Podcast

Create your Lit AF relationship today. Lit AF podcast covers relationship topics like attachment style patterns, how to have tough conversations, breakups, dating, and marriage with a fun and lighthearted approach. 

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What clients are saying

"Sarah helped me start a new job in a new career as a substitute teacher. Through our work together I was able to show up more confidently in the workplace and see the good that so many other people say that they see in me. I am so grateful for our work together. I can finally say I have  unshakeable belief in myself in this new career."

-Dee Sturgess

Dee started into a new career

I highly recommend working with Sarah. She helped me share my needs and communicate directly in a casual relationship that I was in. I had some pretty strong beliefs that I was a burden if I asked for my partner to meet my needs and Sarah helped me change this belief. In our sessions, she always helped me create communication scripts in a fun and lighthearted way that still got my needs across. Now I’m using the same tools to date. I am showing up confidently and honestly through direct communication. It is possible to change your attachment style and Sarah can help you do it! - Chelsea Riffe

Chelsea started sharing her needs in a casual relationship

"Sarah is darling! A breath of fresh air. She is funny, kind, and a joy to work with." - Kara

Kara healed from a divorce

"Sarah was incredible to work with. She welcomed me with a real down-to-earth kindness and joyful energy at each session as we worked through understanding my relationship patterns and processing the unconscious patterns. She always left space for meeting me where I was emotionally, and honoring where I was in my personal growth journey. Thank you, Sarah!”  -Anita

Anita worked on her relationship with her husband

"Sarah has such a talent for making someone feel so safe, so seen, and so respected in their journey no matter what phase they may be in. I felt 100% comfortable while in this session. I highly recommend Sarah to help create a path to healing any attachment style or even to help reinforce a secure one. Thank you Sarah" - Erin Cadwallander

Erin healed outdated dating beliefs

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