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26. Surviving and thriving with a 6 line profile in Human Design with Victoria Jane

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Today’s episode is a very fun and enlightening conversation with Human Design Coach Victoria Jane. She is back for her second episode on Lit AF. Her previous episode, Intro to Human Design, is the most listened to Lit AF podcast episode. So it was only fitting to have her back as the first repeat guest on the show.

We go deep on the topic of profile in Human Design. She and I both have a 6 profile and wanted to discuss the 2nd and 3rd phase of the 6th line journey which basically means trying a bunch of stuff out until your Saturn returns around age 30. And then ideally living to tell others about it, especially those that are still in their 2nd phase.

I learned a bunch of stuff, of course, because Victoria is a wealth of knowledge and has the most grounded and accepting view on Human Design IMO. Victoria recommends viewing the profile in Human Design as an archetype. It is like the archetype of how you live out your life. You can recognize people as “the genius” or the “the researcher”. Clearly, there is a lot of nuance based on everyone’s personal charts. For the people who are into looking at their charts, the profile is the number after the decimal point for the top two Gates in the red and black.

The reason we wanted to go deeper on the 6th line is because it has three phases. The first phase of the 6th line is actually similar to the third line. The third line characteristics are that they're the kind of people that learn about life through their own experience. So they like to roll up their sleeves and jump in and get a little dirty. They test things out for themselves. This applies to anybody who has a six-line who's currently zero to 30 or anybody who has a three in their profile.

Then after your Saturn returns or you hit 30 there’s a transition. You pull back and alchemize and transmute all of the intensity that you experienced in this first phase of life to turn it into something. That’s the second phase. In traditional human design, it’s called “going on the roof”. Then around 50 is when you start to embody everything you’ve learned. And that's when you become the role model, which is the nickname for the six-line.

So, Victoria and I are both officially through the third phase of our 6 line journeys. We discuss how much our lives have changed since we’ve turned 30. Turns out we were both really dedicated to our careers in our twenties. We discuss the toughest moments of the third phase. The moments that shook us to our core. And what values, truths, and beliefs we took from those moments. We discuss what it's like now to live in the 2nd phase and what advice we would give ourselves leading up to turning 30.

Victoria went through some pretty big rock bottomy moments to wake up and realize her corporate job was not feeding her soul. It took a session with her therapist to realize canceling international vacations, losing her period, and continuing to work nonstop might not be the healthiest choices for her. Here’s an amazing picture of her at a work retreat in Mexico. Yup, that’s a whole team gathered around a trophy. It’s so hard for me to imagine Victoria surrounded by that many pleats and neckties.

(These people at one point had faces but for obvious reasons, they’ve been removed for anonymity.)

Victoria Jane in her 20's at a work retreat in Mexico.

I myself went on a crazy journey abroad where I had a bit of an identity crisis in Amsterdam. In a desperate attempt to figure out who I was, I bleached my hair, got a tres-stylish fauxhawk (pictured below), proposed to my boyfriend, and then broke up with him 8 months later. My Saturn returned a month before he and I broke up which made being single a terrifying and very worthwhile experience. My third line journey continues to this day but with a lot more compassion and fun.

Sarah Cohan with a freshly bleached and cut faux-hawk in Amsterdam.

Listen to the episode to hear the advice we would give ourselves while we were in the thick of it. And for any fellow 6th lines out there please share in the comments what was your toughest/rock bottom experience leading up to turning 30? What did you learn? What advice would you give yourself?

Also, we are completing the month of gifting December with another gift. Victoria is offering a free one-hour video about Human Design digestion. Click here to enter to win.

Show notes:

Resources discussed:

P.S. Want to work on goal setting together? Join the Lit AF 2021 goal setting workshop on Wednesday, January 6th, 5-7 pm PST. I will provide worksheets, tools, and a framework to achieve your goals. We’ll start by reviewing your goals and accomplishments from 2020. Then we’ll set new goals for the following year. And finally, we will discover your limiting beliefs around your goals so you are set up for success. As a bonus, I will also share a mid-year worksheet so you can check in mid-way through 2021 and see how you’re doing.

Quotes from Victoria Jane:

“It wasn't part of my reality as crazy as that sounds that I could get enough sleep every night and enjoy 95% of my waking hours. It was just normal to be hanging on by a thread because that's what I was used to.”

“I have felt this in the last month or so, especially as I've been giving myself time to process. I can just take time. I'm not going to hold myself to do a certain amount of work. But in contrast, I used to have 10 meetings a day in my whatever tech job.”

“I'm at the point where lazy almost doesn't exist as a concept. I'm like you're a fool if you think that you're lazy. The lazier I can be...I'm the one that's winning.”

"You can't see how it works out yet, but keep going. It's amazing.”

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