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2. Everything you need to know about Human Design with Victoria Jane

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Today's guest, Victoria Jane, is a coach of human design here in the Bay area. Human Design is kind of a modality similar to astrology, that is based on your birth chart and can help you live in alignment with who you were born to be. She’s giving away a free 20 minute coaching session with her. Listen to the episode to learn more.

Victoria Jane, is a human design coach whose mission is to guide growth-oriented women to live with less hustle and more flow. 

After a decade in Silicon Valley achieving everything she thought she was supposed to - a coveted career, great salary, and all the free snacks, she was earthquaked into the harsh reality: she was burnt out and in danger of doing irreparable damage to her health. As she searched for how to heal not just her body, but her spirit, she discovered Human Design.

Learning her unique design changed her life. It gave her permission to let go of the “shoulds” and start living for herself. From this experience, she is passionate about sharing Human Design with others so they can boldly live their truth. You can follow her on instagram @victoriajane.hd.


Get your free Human Design chart here:

Recommended book:

Quotes from Victoria Jane:

“Human Design is a tool to help you live more in flow with who you naturally are, your natural energetic baseline, and your natural energetic gifts.”

“We all shine our brightest sparkliest selves when we can be who we really are as opposed to shoulding all over ourselves, trying to act like other people.”

“The biggest way I see this changing people's lives is really embracing who they are at their core and letting themselves like lean into that and really own it.”

“Manifestors are people who are really here to initiate action. They make up less than 10% of the population. Manifestors are really here to kind of like start a movement in their own way. Their strategy is to initiate.”

So Generators and Manifesting Generators make up about 70% of the population. The strategy for both Generators and Manifesting Generators is to tap into that really powerful, sacred energy and only take action when they're excited about something. If It's highest and best for you is also going to be what's highest and best for everyone else.”

“The difference between Generators and Manifesting Generators is that Manifesting Generators have a little bit of that manifestor energy. Their energy is a little quicker, and they get excited by lots of different things, more so than the average generator.”

“Manifestors are starting things and then Generators and Manifesting Generators hear about what the Manifestors are throwing out into the world or bumping into something in life and then responding from their gut and doing whatever it is that is exciting to them. Projectors are watching everything that's going on and each of them has a very unique way of seeing something.”

“Projectors are really here to be the guides of energy. Their strategy is to wait for the invitation. 

“Reflectors are the rarest and they only make up about 1% of the population. Their purpose is to be at the center of the community and reflect back out to everyone else what's going on. Their strategy is very different from everybody. They are supposed to wait a whole lunar cycle before they make big decisions because they're changing so much.”

“Authority is the voice of your intuition and turns out we all have different authorities.”

“Sacral authority, it's pretty straightforward in the sense that if you can remember back to a time when something was really inflow and exciting for you and you felt that energy, um, that's the intuition that you want to listen to.”

“Emotional authority people want to tune into how the energy of your emotions is affecting things because for emotional folks, there's usually not clarity in the moment because you could be feeling an emotional high or you could be feeling an emotional low."

“Splenic authority is like an instinctive awareness, this is a little more abstract. It’s like how a bird knows to migrate or a certain animal knows where to find water.”

“For anybody with any authority start practicing easy decisions that you can make with your intuition. So for me it was food. I'd ask myself, what do I feel like eating and allow myself to respond, not from the mental place of I should have that kale that is about to go bad."

“With Human Design you can start with one piece, and then observe how that applies to you and experiment with it.”

“Your profile is the archetype of how you live out your purpose. Don't feel like this all has to happen overnight, the fun part is getting to experiment with this.”

“My journey was a lot of shedding of different ego identities and learning. The thing that really kind of stuck with me the whole time was human design as kind of this template I could come back to. When I left, part of me always knew, I really want to share this with the world, because it's so needed and so valuable.”

“The universe really gifted me some moments where I was forced out of trying to hold on to the corporate identity of being addicted to success and productivity.”

“The water that we swim in has such a big effect on how we live and how we make our choices.”

“My personal process for reading a chart is a like to ask people what what guidance they're looking for from their reading. So if they've told me, I want to focus on purpose or I want to focus on health stuff, I go in with that lens. Maybe they're an entrepreneur want to show up online more than I'll look at their throat center and like what they've got going on there. It's really specific to the person. The overall lens that I'm looking at is what's inherently you."


“Yoga Nidra has been transformative for me, to heal past trauma, to get calm, and to hear my inner voice.”

“Yoga Nidra is so powerful because you hold an intention in the practice and then you drop it in when you're really in a truly relaxed state. We can touch into deeper layers like my inner child essentially. And so that's how we start to shift some of those things so that you can really live in alignment with your design.”

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