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53. Going on a Money Date with Morgan Blackman

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

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We are talking about one of my favorite subjects, MONEY, on the pod this week with my guest, Morgan Blackman, Founder and CEO of Holistic Bucks. We dig into money stories, limiting beliefs around money, how to consciously invest, pay off debt, and creating money rituals. She talks about kicking the word “budget” to the curb and instead setting aside time for a money check-in or a money date. I loved chatting with Morgan about all things money. She has really helped me overcome some old money stories I had around lack mentality working for nonprofits. Check out the episode to weave spirituality into your money habits.

About Morgan Blackman, she is a holistic wealth coach whose mission is to bridge the gap between money and wellness. As the Director of Holistic Bucks, her passion is to help heart-led female biz owners and leaders become financially secure and build the confidence they need to manifest a wealthier and more abundant life. She strategically helps women achieve this through building a magnetic money mindset, gaining power over their financial decisions, and learning how to invest and have their hard-earned money work for them in order to build lasting generational wealth and create a powerful impact in the world.

Morgan is hosting a Money Rituals and Investing Workshop for the Magnetic AF community on August 19th. Feel more in control of your budget, your savings goals, and your life. Get on the waitlist to join Magnetic AF when it reopens on August 9th.

Show notes:

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Quotes from Morgan Blackman:

“I just want to live my best life and the best version of myself and nothing's going to stop me. I want it all. And I will never allow someone to take that away from me because I deserve it.”

“I think first thing that I usually tell people and, you know, a big reason why I bridge and incorporate spirituality into my finances is, is that when your mindset is in an optimal or abundant place, that is where you're going to see the things that you start to go after are easily manifested into your reality.”

“Could you imagine the world of like, instead of the other way around, if most of the healers are actually the wealthiest people in the world and not as people, what a difference that would make.”

“Another money story would be like, money is hard to come by, which can be very real for most people. But I think one thing that's interesting about these limiting beliefs in these scripts, it's not that it negates the fact that it's real.”

“You believe something and these belief sites sort of determine your actions and the decisions that you make and these decisions that you made feed into your reality.”

“I have beef with credit card companies, because on one end it's like society rewards you for using credit cards, but then in the same breath, they shame you for being in credit card debt. It makes no sense at all.”

“I don't like to call it a budget. I like to call it a financial assessment or a money check-in or a money date, Something where you're repeatedly over a certain period of time going in and just assessing what's coming in, what's going out.”

“I think when people make purchases in the moment we can be very impulsive. We think it's something that we really need, but most of the time it's really a want. So even in the moment that you're about to purchase something, like really ask yourself, why am I purchasing this?”

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