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Membership is currently closed. Get on the waitlist to be the first to find out when Magnetic AF re-opens.

Magnetic AF re-opens in:

Are you looking for a community to go deeper with your personal and spiritual growth practice?

Are you ready to be surrounded by a community of women that are working on themselves?

Are you open to cultivating self-love and self-care practices?


Do you want a mix of accountability, support, and inspiration?


That’s why I created Magnetic AF

Magnetic AF is an online community for women on their own personal and spiritual journey. It is a community of women supporting women, sharing their truth, and unbecoming what society has prescribed for us. 

When we are securely attached to ourselves, our desires, our dreams, and our beliefs we become magnetic. Abundance flows to us because of our magnetism.

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What is Magnetic AF?

Members get access to an amazingly supportive community through weekly community calls, monthly workshops hosted by Lit AF podcast guests, and interviews with fellow Magnetic AF members about their personal and spiritual growth.


During the weekly calls each member is given a specific amount of time to share their current situation and receive support, tools, and affirmations about what they are working on.

Each week there is a discussion theme. Members are invited to share about anything they are currently facing including a trigger, a core wound, shadow, inner-child work, manifestations, accomplishments, truly anything. 

Monthly Moon Ceremonies

Two of the weekly calls are dedicated to moon rituals each month. Moon rituals are a wonderful container to call things in (new moon) and let shit go (full moon).

During each moon ritual I will lead you through a meditation, journal prompts, group sharing, and an embodiment practice based on the astrology of the moon. These practices help you process emotions, ground into your authenticity, and lay the groundwork for your aligned future. They are a very potent portal.

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New Moon in Leo Ceremony
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Monthly Workshops

Members also receive access to monthly workshops hosted by Lit AF podcast guests. This month’s workshop is  Build Lasting Wealth and Abundance hosted by Morgan Blackman of Holistic Bucks.


This workshop will cover how to embody a magnetic money mindset so that you can be well on your way to building lasting wealth and abundance.

Morgan will cover the following topics, intuitive budgeting, ethical investing practices, and mindful spending.

Replays for ALL past workshops are available in the members area.

Interview with Fellow Members

The members area also includes Monthly Member Spotlights featuring an interview with a fellow Magnetic AF member that has manifested something big in their life. They share their journey along the way including setbacks, triggers, tools, and wins. These stories are inspiring for your own journey.

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"Since joining Magnetic AF I have opened a money portal into a new part of my business. I have been asked to present as a speaker at a conference. I received a grant that I didn't even apply for. Things are falling into place without me even trying."
-Cory Reddish Magnetic AF Member

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Schedule for August, 2021

"I really enjoy the yoga nidra and meditation aspects of the calls."

-Magnetic AF Member


How it all started...

It all started with couples counseling for me and my husband. We had just gotten married and we were still repairing our relationship after a huge break in trust. Yup, he had cheated on me. And I knew I wanted to stay but I also very much resented his very existence. 


We had been seeing this therapist for over a year. I was frustrated by the infinitesimal amount of growth we were experiencing. HA! I expected us to get over it in just a few months.

In addition to loathing my marriage, I was stuck in a job where I didn’t feel respected. And as you can imagine I wasn’t taking care of myself in the ways I needed to. 


Our therapist recommended that I attend a codependent anonymous meeting. I walked down the steps into the meeting room hosted by a local Lutheran church. I was a ball of anxiety entering that room. I cried during everyone’s share and was way too nervous to speak when they opened the floor to new attendees. I left knowing I needed community but I wasn’t sure which one.


At the same time I joined a local group for a manifestation program I had just signed up for. We assembled just a few weeks into the lockdown in early-2020. Sharing with these women felt light-hearted and fun. 

I was surrounded by women that were working on themselves. They were willing to go deep. Share their fears and their deepest desires.


We started meeting weekly and I started to find my voice. I was surrounded by women that were working on themselves. They were willing to go deep. Share their fears and their deepest desires. It was a safe non-judgemental space. 


I started sharing stories about my childhood trauma, deeply held money stories, how I was reparenting my inner child, and lots of old triggers that were coming up. I shared past-life and ancestral trauma that I was still carrying. Every time I shared I learned how others had experienced something similar. Instead of feeling isolated I felt deeply connected.


I can now officially say that not only am I grateful to be married to my amazing husband but I am actually grateful for what I have learned from him cheating on me. I have straightened out my relationship to myself and as a byproduct of that my relationship to my beloved. *Of course, I need to add a spiralic growth clause here and state that personal growth is a spiralic journey. It is never ending and I will continue to process this for the rest of my life.* 🌀


I would not be where I am today without this amazing group of women. And it is my honor to offer Magnetic AF as a similar community of support.

"Join Magnetic AF so you have the ability to be part of a community that allows you to share your feelings in a non-judgemental way and to have space held for you (and hold space for others!)"
-Magnetic AF Member

Who is Magnetic AF for?

Magnetic AF is a safe space open to everyone, including BIPOC and female-identified folks. Group agreements in the community calls foster trauma-informed vulnerability.

Scholarships are available. Contact for more information.


What is included in Magnetic AF

Members receive the following:​

  • Weekly community meetups which include one full moon and one new moon ritual

  • Monthly workshops taught by guest experts featured on Lit AF podcast

  • Monthly interview of a member's manifestation story

  • Discounts on Lit AF in-person events, retreats + Lit AF Merch

  • Access to Magnetic AF WhatsApp group text

More about Magnetic AF

Margaret joined Magnetic AF because: "I am working on personal growth and empowerment."


Rachael Besser joined Magnetic AF because: "I am setting the intention to uplevel my social circles, and this feels like an excellent portal to allow bad bitches with similar values to me into my life 😌."

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Everyone who joins is protected by my 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. That gives you more than enough time to go through the membership and decide if it's right for you.


If not, just show me you joined the weekly calls and monthly workshop and I'll happily refund your money. I'll even eat the credit card processing fees.

I include such a strong guarantee because I want the decision to join to be a no-brainer. Either you love the membership or you can get your money back — risk-free.

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Membership is currently closed. Get on the waitlist to be notified when Magnetic AF re-opens.

Magnetic AF re-opens in:

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