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Are you looking for a community to go deeper with your personal growth practice?

Are you super woo at home but scared to share your mystical truth with the outside world?


Are you transitioning your career into something you actually love doing?


Are you dipping in and out of “the work” and struggling to keep it consistent?

I hear you. It’s a rough time to be a woman right now.

Women are overworked, underpaid, under-slept, underfed, over-exercised and asked to do it all with a smile on our face.

Having a personal growth practice helps us to undo the programming that society has put on us. It helps us to set boundaries, see our inherent value, heal past trauma, and live life more magnetically.

But personal development work can be very lonely and isolating.

That’s why I created Magnetic AF

Magnetic AF is an online community for women on their own personal growth journey. It is a community of women supporting women, sharing their truth, and unbecoming what society has prescribed for us. 

When we are securely attached to ourselves, our desires, our dreams, and our beliefs we become magnetic. Abundance flows to us because of our magnetism.

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What is Magnetic AF?

Members get access to an amazingly supportive community through weekly community calls.


During the weekly calls each member is given a specific amount of time to share their current situation and receive support, tools, and affirmations about what they are working on.


Members are invited to share about anything they are currently facing including a trigger, a core wound, shadow, inner-child work, manifestations, accomplishments, truly anything.

Membership also includes monthly LIVE workshops hosted by guests from the Lit AF podcast. Replays of the monthly workshops will be available to all members.


How it all started...

I was like you, high achieving and did everything I was told. I went to a top ten school, University of Chicago. I climbed the not-so-corporate ladder of every nonprofit I worked for. But I never felt satisfied. Outwardly I had a calm demeanor but inside was chaos and turmoil.

I was outsourcing my own validation looking to everyone around me, my friends, my boss, my dog to validate my own existence.


Even though I knew I was inherently beautiful I always shamed myself about my body. "You'll be beautiful when you lose the next 5 pounds" was a phrase humming in the background. 

I couldn't accept any feedback not even from my boss because it meant that I was a bad person.

After 34 years of thinking this way I took the brave step of starting a self-care routine.

I started investing in myself and joined a manifestation program. Eventually I started working on my attachment style. Using all of these tools I was able to start accepting myself exactly the way that I am. And to love myself deeply and unconditionally. 


I started hosting a weekly meetup for members of Lacy Phillips' program, The Pathway, in the San Francisco Bay Area. And each week through these meetups I watched as I started to have major breakthroughs. I started to heal childhood trauma by hearing others share about their own experience. I started manifesting bigger things like bigger guests for my podcast, bigger consulting contracts to keep me afloat while building my business. I bought my first car. I paid off $20,000 of credit card debt. And others in the group were accomplishing similar goals.


Having the support of these women every single week helped me handle whatever challenge life was throwing at me even a surprise miscarriage.

"Sarah Cohan is a space holding queen."
- Megan Sprague

Who is Magnetic AF for?

Whatever personal growth journey you are forging this membership is for you. Whether your focus is on attachment style, manifestation, witchcraft, spell casting, thought work, Human Design, Astrology, Tarot, Akashic Records, psychology, any and all approaches are welcome and celebrated in this group.


I myself am a student of manifestation with Lacy Phillips in The Pathway, attachment style with Thais Gibson with the Personal Development School, Thought Work with Byron Katie, shadow work with Rachael Besser, yoga nidra and astrology with Jana Roemer of Attune to the Moon. I am influenced by all of these teachers and bring this knowledge to support myself and members of Magnetic AF.


Who is Magnetic AF for?

Founding Members will receive the following:​

  • Monthly workshops taught by guest experts featured on Lit AF podcast

  • Weekly community calls

  • Monthly interview of a member's process story focused on manifestation and healing

  • Discounts on in-person events, retreats + Lit AF Merch

  • Access to Magnetic AF social group + WhatsApp group text


Working with a community of like minded people really sped up my personal growth journey. This is a space to share vulnerably and learn from others on their own journey. It is really special to witness and I'm excited to bring this opportunity to you. 

As a special gift to all founding members you get access to the lowest price that Magnetic AF will be available, $27 per month. (Total value $65.)

Margaret is joining Magnetic AF because: "I am working on personal growth and empowerment."

Optional Coaching Member Level

Unstoppable AF Membership level includes a 50-minute monthly coaching session with me, Sarah Cohan. ​

I coach women to unblock subconscious beliefs around money and relationships to attract both the income and the partnership they are looking for. 

My practice is deeply rooted in attachment theory and shadow work. Through our attachment we can define our relationship to love and money. Through shadow work we can uncover our subconscious beliefs and start to embracing every part of ourselves.

Let's make the unknown known. ​Start romancing your shadow today.

As a special gift to all founding members you get access to the lowest price this package will be offered, $147 per month which is a $190 value.


Review From Previous Lit AF Workshop:

"This experience introduced me to new tools and techniques in a very open and supportive community where I met new people, laughed, cried, and listened to some great music. It was easy and fun to be part of this personal growth process. I’d recommend it to everyone!"
- Natalie Lobue


Rachael is joining Magnetic AF because: "I am setting the intention to uplevel my social circles, and this feels like an excellent portal to allow bad bitches with similar values to me into my life 😌."

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Everyone who joins is protected by my 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. That gives you more than enough time to go through the membership and decide if it's right for you.


If not, just show me you joined the weekly calls and monthly workshop and I'll happily refund your money. I'll even eat the credit card processing fees.

I include such a strong guarantee because I want the decision to join to be a no-brainer. Either you love the membership or you can get your money back — risk-free.

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Review From Previous Lit AF Workshop:

"Sarah created an engaging environment to reflect on the previous year and make realistic, actionable goals for this new year. Her method of coaching has shifted the way I look at goals more broadly and I am excited to bring it into my everyday."
- Emily Regan Byrne

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