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44. Healing our money stories with Sarah Cohan

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Today is the first day of Wellness Fest! We have an unforgettable online celebration of wellness arranged to feature workshops on yoga, Human Design, Shadow Work, Healing Sound Bath, and I will be hosting a community meetup for everyone! It is going to be DOPE! Click here to get your spot.

In today’s episode, we are talking about money. I recently hosted a workshop on money mindset for my business coach and was utterly inspired, given the remarkable stories shared by the beautiful bunch of entrepreneurs who joined me. It inspired me to share my story here.

I grew up poor. I’m talking food stamps, hand-me-down or Goodwill clothes, shared a room with my two sisters until I was seventeen, vintage cars (not the cute ones), and lots of lots of scholarships and school meals. I grew up in an affluent area surrounded by wealth, lots of Mercedes cars, beach club memberships, and vacation ski homes. As a kid I knew I wanted wealth and I thought the only way to get it was to have a professional career.

But when I started exploring my money story I realized there was alot more to it than just having the right career.

My money story when I was little was that when my grandfather dies he left his wealth to his other family. This experience from my childhood left me feeling like I did not deserve to have money, and if I did end up having a lot of it, I would no longer be a good person. You see my family-member that did get the money is famous for suing people so as a child I put two and two together and thought if I have a ton of money then I will be an asshole. AND if I get a ton of money it will be at the expense of someone else.

Moving ahead, I had to rewire my brain and talk directly to my consciousness to define money for myself. We often fail to uncover why we need money in the first place. Is money a means to make you feel safe? Or does it give you the pleasures in life? Or is freedom your end goal? Digging out these reasons helped me understand why I want to have money.

Money is essentially an exchange for a service. It is infinite. Money does not get exhausted like oil. We can always produce more of it. And we humans are born for abundance on this abundant earth. We only have to reframe how we look at things.

Growing up, many movies and TV shows have influenced the way we look at money or feel about having it. Movie like Annie, Parent Trap, and Richie Rich taught me that money would solve all my problems. What movie defined money for you as you grew up?

Listen to this episode for some suggested questions to ask yourself about your money story. I would love to hear your thoughts. Let me know in the comments below!

I’m also opening doors to a new membership group this Friday called Magnetic AF, a community for connection. There will be monthly workshops hosted by podcast guests and a 30-minute monthly recording with a fellow member that is either manifesting something huge or working through a core wound. Sign up on the email list to be notified when doors open.

I hope you enjoyed listening to this episode. Thank you for tuning in!

Show notes:

Resources Discussed:

Quotes from Sarah Cohan:

“Uncovering your money story can really empower you, whether you're an employee or a business owner, or basically just any human walking through this life.”

“Money is all around. It is an infinite resource.”

“Over saving money means that you hoard it, and you don't want to spend it because it is your safety. So the more you have the more safe you are”

“You reset your mindset on money as an infinite resource. And then the whole concept of money, this society that we live in, this world that we live in, with money, which is actually an exchange for a service.”

“Humans are actually born for abundance. We live on this earth, this earth is abundant. This earth is providing so much for us including shelter, food, air, water, all of the things that we need are here. And we are born for abundance.”

“Our subconscious is so freaking smart. It just wants to protect us.”

“Money maybe isn't the end goal.”

“Money is absolutely infinite. It doesn't have emotion. It doesn't carry anything with it. It's just your own projection that comes with money.”

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