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61. Using Human Design to Create Self-Trust with Zsuzi Evans

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

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We are back today with another episode about Human Design. This week’s guest, Zsuzsi Evans, is a Human Design reader that studied with one of the only students directly taught by the founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu. Instead of going deeper into the chart, we discuss the larger impact of studying Human Design. Zsuzsi shares how using Human Design cultivates self-trust which ultimately helps us to make decisions. And I give you several hilarious examples of times when I didn’t honor my emotional authority, like giving up a window seat to a child on a cross-country flight. That was the longest six hours of my life. And she shares how her sacral authority has helped her direct her friends and loved ones on how to interact with her, like asking yes or no questions instead of open-ended ones. I love hearing about simple tools to honor my design in day-to-day interactions. Zsuzsi finishes the convo by telling us how society will see a big shift in the Human Design chart starting in 2027. Listen to the episode to learn more about what’s ahead of us.

She is a Human Design coach, workshop leader, and co-creator of the online Human Design community, Genetic Yoga. Her passion in life is guiding people to discover their true potential through Human Design and helping them integrate the system into their everyday life. If you’re interested in working with her you can book a session with her using the code LitAF20 for 20% off sessions during the month of October 2021. Or use the code LitAFP for 20% off her coaching package options for the month of October 2021.

Show Notes:

Follow Zuszsi Evans on Instagram: @hdbyz

Visit Zsuzsi Evans’ website:

Quotes from Zsuzsi Evans:

“Self-trust is the first step in self-love.”

“Your mind is not your authority. Your body is, but we've been taught our whole lives to make mental decisions.”

“If you can accept and trust that the low is here to show you something, that you're here to get value from that low, that you're here to be creative in that low time. And that eventually when the wave comes back up, cause it always does, that's when you're here to share your insights or your art or whatever it is that came from being in that low space.”

“No two people that I've ever talked to have ever had the exact same experience of deconditioning.”

“Life is movement. So once you start moving in a direction of less resistance, based on trusting your own inner authority and not following what your mind tells you to do, then these small miracles have the opportunity to actually reach you because you're not out initiating and trying to make your life happen.”

“What we've all been experiencing for the past couple hundred years is what we call the cross of planning, which is very strategic, very organized, very much about systems and industry.”

“Human Design is an investment in really deeply knowing yourself so that you're not misunderstanding anything.”

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