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48. Calming anxiety in our body with clairvoyant Tzipora Krupnik

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Listen to the episode:

Today's guest is Tzipora Krupnik, a clairvoyant with a lifetime of experience as an intuitive healer and owner of a private practice that has been thriving for the past 14 years. Tzipora shares how she embraced her psychic gifts and continues to heal ancestral trauma. She discusses why anxiety shows up in the body, the importance of meditation, and how different people receive their psychic gifts.

She has a fascinating background and upbringing that has influenced her work. Tzipora grew up in South Africa during the height of Apartheid, she lived through the Intifada in Israel, and was born to Holocaust survivors. Her work is a result of the deep pain she experienced in her life. She grew up as a sensitive human and turned her sensitivity into one of her greatest strengths going forward.

Tzipora started her career as an artist and a teacher. Her advent into hands-on healing emerged out of her strong inner urge to heal from trauma. Specifically to heal from migraines that she was experiencing. This led her to study clairvoyant and energy healing programs.

Healing a block in your body as a result of trauma can take years. Expanding further on hands-on healing, Tzipora adds, "I felt that the only way that I could really work through that energy was to learn how to use my body to heal others. And that's really what happened. I did a course for hands-on healing."

Tzipora believes in giving her students the freedom to discover their own psychic language through her clairvoyance classes. It could take time to get there, but if you're aligned to your purpose, you will eventually refine your gifts. Tzipora helps her clients find clarity by giving them support and validation on their path.

It's very rightly said that it will start to control you if you don't control your mind. And to control your mind, you could use your spiritual vision that only speaks from the higher vision and not your emotions.

Tzipora touches on the topic of anxiety and suggests ways to practice meditation to heal one's innermost disturbances. It is only natural for you to fall asleep when you sit to meditate. The key is to not expect anything as you begin. It could take time, but it sure is worth it in the end.

Tune in to the episode to feel the magic of Tzipora's words for yourself. I'm sure this conversation is going to excite you as much as it did to me (or maybe even more)!

Show Notes:

Visit Tzipora Krupnik’s website -

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Resources Discussed:

Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui - Book by Karen Kingston

Quotes from Tzipora Krupnik:

“A disease in the body is usually negatively charged energy. Diseases are self-destructive energy.”

“Meditation is teaching you to communicate with your body. It's teaching to bridge that gap between your higher self and your physical self, your physical illness.”

“I think that as you heal, you become more consciously aware and more present, and you can start to live a more joyous life. You can act to the truth of who you are. That is the journey of life is to find who you are before all of that stuff got loaded on you before programming, ancestral trauma, societal trauma, the tribal stuff, all of that.”

“Because healing involves including all the souls in your family, as part of the family and forgiving those that have wronged you, that's part of healing is forgiveness. And then once you change yourself to the core, once you heal, or just automatically, you change the karma, because you have an agreement with people in your family.”

“The reason we use clairvoyance is because it's a way to contain the energy, it's very grounded, and you're out of your emotional centers, you're up here.”

“Just like your sacred space within your spiritual self, the more you spend time there, the bigger it is, the easier it is for you to go in there to drop in.”

“When you understand that the first step is understanding that your strengths are in this lifetime come from your higher self, not your physical story of who you are here even though they connect once you once you anchor into your by yourself, then you can start to really live a good life over here, in this reality in the physical thing. You asked me if there's anything I want to share, that is the reason I teach because it's so important to know and understand who we are as beings.”

“Even just sitting in stillness every day without having an agenda, eventually something will happen. It's just showing up every day not having any expectations. But just being quiet for a little bit. It helps me to start to hear that inner communication about being quiet while not being hard on yourself for not meditating.”

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