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11. Tips to staying healthy in COVID with Dr. Cory Reddish Naturopathic Doctor

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

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Dr. Cory Reddish has been a practicing licensed Naturopathic Doctor for 20+ years. She runs the Feel Better HQ and ApotheCory, a Naturopathic Boutique Clinic in Venice, CA that offers naturopathic medical consultations, functional lab testing, vitamin IV drips, supplements, vitamins, and laughter. She also started a line of highly effective party recovery nutrients Party Pax. She has helped thousands of people through her private practice, leading cleanse programs, workshops and providing vitamin injections and recovery support to people at festivals and events.


“We bridge the gap between the conventional and the natural medical world.”

“There's always these foundational things like diet, lifestyle, physical exercise, water, the fundamentals that need to be addressed because no drug can replace that.”

“The word doctor comes from teacher. That's why we spend time with our patients. That's why we talk to our patients. That's why we want to educate them so that ultimately, people can achieve a certain level of health and wellness and have the power and the tools in their hands to maintain that.”

“The best medicine is the one you're going to take.”

“The thing with homeopathy is if you get the right remedy it’s like magic. Sometimes it's tricky to get the right one, but when you do get the right one, that's the place where I've seen miraculous things that aren't supposed to happen and don't have an explanation.”

“There's a lot of faces of COVID of the illness, a lot of different ways that it manifests in people and for the majority of the people, it's either asymptomatic or very minor.”

“No matter where you are on the health spectrum, you can always feel better.”

“We have over 800 species of organisms that live in our gut that do all these things. We used to think there's just bacteria in there, but now we have learned that they're very connected to our brain and neurotransmitters and how we think and how we feel. It's also very connected to the immune system.”

“One meal can improve your immune system. One walk around the block can help your blood sugar and it can just build on those things. Sometimes a little thing you do can start building up and you can really start steering the ship and another direction.”

“It's a lot easier to prevent a hangover than to treat a hangover.”

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