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42. Using color to heal with Susanna Merrick of Aura Wear NYC

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

My guest for the episode today, Susanna Merrick of Aura Wear NYC, talks about how to use color as a tool to rewire, understand, and heal our relationships. Susanna is a highly sought-after Intuitive Energy Reader, Stylist, and Spiritual Coach. She is the Founder of Aura Wear NYC, a method and brand that focuses on self-expression through color, fashion, and wellness.

Her work has been featured in Goop, Elle Magazine, Well and Good, and Vanity Fair. What's more interesting is that Susanna loves using her intuitive gifts to help style and dress the energy of her clients. She believes deeply in the profound power of color. Today, Susanna speaks with me about running her business and brand, connecting spirituality and color, and being more thoughtful about the clothes you buy.

Susanna starts by talking about some interesting facts about the color pink. It is surprising to learn that the color was initially associated with men. We also discuss the book Drunk Tank Pink by Adam Alter, a book that reveals how our environment shapes judgments and decisions every day.

Susanna further expands on the meaning of colors and encourages each of us to define our own meanings behind color. She also demonstrates the concept of using intuitive gifts to explore color like using clairsentience to hear colors.

We also learn how Susanna received a download to start this business and how her past shaped her life further. She also narrates the heartbreaking journey battling her mother's death that taught her ways to reparent herself. She described this loss as the "umbrella of invisible protection was gone".

We learn the steps to connecting with your interpretation of color. To begin with choose a color, figure out the words or the values associated with that color. When you start to pick out your words, you begin to connect them. The next step is to journal around them to have a real revelation about what you want to do. Then practice meditation with the color. When you meditate around what you wrote, it makes you imprint the color in your mind. Wear the things that you picked out, put them on, have them in your space.This process helps to address healing in an ongoing fashion rather than a deep dive into one specific topic.

Color psychology is one fascinating field of study. Tune in to the episode today to find out more insights on spirituality and the power of color from Susanna!

Show Notes:

Resources Discussed:

Quotes from Susanna Merrick:

“I would say if you change your mind, you can change your aura, you can change your energy, the physical energy that actually comes out of you. Like the actual radiation, it's not enough to harm you or anyone around you. But it is enough for us to be aware of and to connect to.”

“While I do believe that there are colors that are closer to our spirits, and are closer to who we identify with, these things can change. Just like we can change who we are how we show up in the world and change our gender, we can change.”

“So whether energy is absorbent or flex, it doesn't matter. The point is that it really is the relationship that you can form with it. And that's where color psychology really comes into play.”

“Anytime we have an aversion to a color, there's something about it that we have to heal within ourselves.”

“There are statistics, there are things out there. But again, you don't get to fully know. So if you don't get to fully know, let's make it your own, like make it your own connect to it in your own capacity.”

“I think people's misconception is that when you see auras or experienced energy, you're constantly seeing them shut off, and I can't. If I were to hold space differently, I’d clear my container and work on myself. And so when I hold that space for you, I hold it in a very specific way, but I do not take on.”

“I've been blessed with having some amazing guides, teachers in my life, that have taught me how to really hold sacred space. And so sacred space looks like one on one. It looks like allowing me to be a channel, like, I sometimes feel like it really does feel like a flow like thing. Like I'll have a whole session and say something to somebody and walk away and like have no idea what I said. And if they came back and told me what I said I'd be like, cool.”

“I had to fully accept that it is a journey. And that you just don't get to rub yourself clean, you don't get to just then decide. And I think that's where it can be really problematic. Because that's where the shadow side of spirituality can come in where you think you're better than other people, you think you're above and you're not relating to their experience, you're not holding that space for them, and it is in a certain way. ”

“When you start to meditate with the color, your neurons are starting to calm down, and they're starting to be in a place where they're more impressionable, so then the color can be infused with those neurons.“

“How you get to your spiritual gifts is letting go of everything.”

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