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41. Going Deeper Into your Human Design Chart with Sarah Salinas

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

For today's episode, I welcome intuitive and Human Design Teacher Sarah Salinas. Sarah and I speak on many different Human Design topics, including gates, split definitions, and the incarnation cross. I wanted to go deeper with her on different aspects of Human Design.

The conversation starts with an oracle card pull. The card pulled for today’s conversation reminds us that inspiration comes after the seed of creativity is planted inside you. She demonstrates how you channel the different elements of creativity to your life's purpose and says you need to put forward motion behind it, so you are grounded. "When you ground yourself in it, that's when you create roots, that's when you grow taller and wiser and stronger. And then attract a crowd toward you that believe in the message that you have, that you can't just keep it in your thought world, like, you gotta keep dropping it down."

Getting deeper into Human Design we discuss definitions. Definition in Human Design tells you how many parts of your body chart do not connect. Being a triple split definition, Sarah explains that three parts of her body chart do not get along well. She also explains the different personality traits that come along with each definition. Sarah explains that this is why relationships get weird and sticky, and people don't feel loved; they feel ignored and disconnected.

We also learn the importance of understanding all the elements of your chart together. According to Sarah, your energy type is the character that you're here to play in the world. Your profile is the character's role and your incarnation cross, is the storyline of how that plays out for you.

Sarah reminds us that knowing your energy type helps you understand how you need to be approached and engaged with for better productivity. If you're a projector working in a coffee shop or other public place can be helpful to supercharge your energy to get tasks done. She encourages us to get curious about our own energy and see what type of situations affect our energy.

I'm delighted to be sharing with you our conversation today. Listen in to the episode and learn to understand your human design on a whole different level!

Show Notes:

Resources Discussed:

Quotes from Sarah Salinas:

“Always remember that inspiration often comes after reflection after the seed of creativity is planted.”

“Clarity comes after I take a step.”

“When we let go of something, we're never actually letting go, we're gaining. But you have to let go to gain, you have to let go to expand. So you're never losing. You're always gaining. You got to clear space to create space to grow even bigger.”

“Projectors can have the most energy. That's why we're efficient, we can get things done quicker.”

“I'm a triple split, meaning there are three parts of my chart that don't connect together, they work separately on their own and unless I'm in collaboration with someone else's aura, and energy.”

“When you have a split in your chart, you are meant to be in collaboration with the people in your life. And so needing to make sure that whoever you're in collaboration with supports you.”

“Sometimes you want to go sit down and chat with someone to figure something out. But sometimes you just need a collaborative bump energetic shoulders with somebody in a coffee shop to get your shit done.”

“A lot of times those gates that you're reaching for and someone else are the parts of yourself that you feel like are lacking, so therefore you overcompensate and things. So if you want to know where potential wounding lies, and conditioning, if you have a split, go and look to see where you have those hanging gates, and I guarantee you that gates energy throughout your life has said quite a bit of your attention, be it lacking are you to over prepare, overcompensate or you feel inadequate.”

“And anywhere that you have projected energy in the chart, which will be hidden on anything collective. It's all projected. Meaning like it's not meant to be personal. So don't make it personal.“

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