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14. Sarah's Story Trimming Weed and When "The Work" is Too Much

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Show notes:

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“I have now reached a new level of California, which includes being a weed trimmer.”

“I was probably like the most over-prepared trimmer.”

“If you're new to trimming wear shitty clothes, bring an apron, and just expect w to get everywhere.”

“I've just come to the terms with the fact that this podcast is about wellness, self-care, and alternative lifestyles. It's time for me to call it, name it, and say it out loud.”

“I can just get so wrapped up in "the work" and I do not realize how much progress I've actually been making or the fact that I'm inherently a valuable human being and worthy and I'm not bad.”

“If I lose more weight that doesn't make me a better person. And if I gain more weight that doesn't make me a bad person. My weight has no bearing on my worthiness whatsoever, but I've always lived my life like that was the truth.”

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