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9. Sarah's Story - Paying off $18k Credit Card Debt

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

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Today Sarah shares her story of paying $18,000 of credit card debt in one year. It took a lot of motivation, a plan, and trial and error to pay it all off. But now she’s living debt-free. Below are the resources she used to help her along the way.

Show notes:


“Debt definitely dictated what I did and didn't do.”

“The really important thing to pay off credit card debt is momentum.”

“ We shouldn't feel shame about credit card debt. The entire industry is a predatory trap.”

“I made a commitment to myself to pay off as much of my credit card each month that I could.”

“Now, whenever I get a paycheck, it feels like a bonus.”

“Many of you messaged me privately and spoke to me about how you're going through the exact same thing or had been through the exact same thing. I want to talk about it more because now looking back there just seems to be no reason why I wasn't sharing this story before I paid it off.”

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