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36. Manifesting from your soul with Roxanne Miranda

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

In this episode of Lit AF, I sit down and get real with Roxanne Miranda, master of manifestation, business owner, and creator of the Soul Alignment Method, a series of inner and outer shifts and strategies everyone needs to apply to get out of their own way, reclaim their natural manifesting abilities to create the life they’ve always dreamed of. Roxanne has dedicated her professional life to helping others break through their inner blocks and align with their soul purpose. Through private client relationships and group workshops, Roxanne has made a real difference in people’s lives and manifested her own soul vision into existence by helping others to do the same.

Roxanne shares with listeners the basics of manifestation, reminding us that as a human being we are manifesting all the time the work comes in when you go from manifesting unconsciously to consciously. She talks us through the definition of manifesting and provides a few manifesting techniques. She walks us through the four steps to manifest what you want:

  1. Connecting with your soul vision – Discovering what it is at your core that you really want.

  2. Observing your beliefs – Get a good picture of who you are being, and who do you need to be a soul-aligned version of yourself.

  3. Undo and rewire – Undo past programming, rewire for something new. Rewire your subconscious to match your soul vision.

  4. Take soul-aligned action - Arise to those opportunities when they come.

By sharing stories of client transformation as well as her own, Roxanne paints a powerful picture of life change and possibility. It's not just about manifesting money but a whole life that you actually want. We also go deep into the barriers and what trips people up when it comes to manifestation. Roxanne’s insight on the role of doubt and the importance of just showing up makes the process accessible, practical, and inspiring for listeners both new to the process and those who have been practicing for years.

Show notes:

Manifesting Quotes from Roxanne Miranda:

“Don't ever think that you have it all figured out. You know the moment that you are so attached to this vision that you're manifesting. You're blocking yourself from everything else that the universe has in store for you.” (7:55)

“We think that we're making decisions for ourselves, but actually our subconscious is making decisions for us.” (15:29)

“Your subconscious is who you think you are, and it is who you're being in the world.” (15:56)

“Morning routines were really constructed after the industrial revolution when people started going to work and having a 9 to 5. The whole idea of the early bird gets the worm is bullshit.” (18:33)

“That's easy, because the more ease that you can bring into your practice and into your life, the more well-being you will experience.” (28:53)

“Honoring all those cycles of you is really going to be where your well-being comes from.” (30:42)

“You know our shadows are our greatest teachers and guides.” (37:47)

“A good coach will never tell you what to do. They will guide you to find out for yourself what you should do.” (43:21)

“The hardest part about this process is actually showing up to it.” (51:11)

“This is who you are. Manifestation is your birthright. It is your innate gift; you were born with it.” (53:06)

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