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62. Sarah’s Story: Projection City Population One

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

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In this episode, I talk about projection psychology. Look, projection is part of the human experience but I recently realized just how much I have been projecting onto others. I talk about a theryapy counseling session from 1965 that a friend of mine shared on Youtube. Watching this session made me realize how I bring SO many of my own stories, assumptions, and wounding to every situation I’m in, no matter how neutral the situation is. I share a few specific times recently where I let my projections dictate the truth particularly in social situations and my recent job negotiation. One of the stories running in the back of my mind was if I ask for more money my job will expect more from me. That assumption is setting me up for burnout and failure. I share some pretty embarrassing stories about past projections. And then I finish the episode with a helpful tool from Byron Katie to catch projections in action.

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