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55. Common Manifestation Misconceptions

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

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In this week’s episode I share some common misconceptions I’ve seen in the manifestation world. I’ve seen them come up across several different groups and I wanted to share them with you today so you can hopefully have a little more ease and lightness in your manifestation practice. The biggest issue I have seen is believing you need to do something in order to manifest. To me living and manifestation are synonymous. When you are living (which you probably are if you are listening to this episode) you are manifesting. You don’t need to do any rituals, practices, or work in order to manifest because you are inherently worthy just as you are. Listen to the episode to hear about the other two misconceptions I have seen in the manifestation world. It’s a juicy one!

Resources Discussed:

Quotes from Sarah Cohan:

“Living is synonymous with manifestation or manifestation is synonymous with living.”

“We're all inherently deserving.”

“I think each opportunity that you have with someone that you're going on a date with, or a job that you're applying to is an opportunity to either say no, which is one of the most sacred, beautiful, powerful experiences on this earth. We all need to be saying no more often and celebrating saying no. Or it's a way for you to realize what you actually want.”

“I think that what is a little more realistic is that the universe loves you and has abundant love for you as a member of this planet.”

“Manifestation is super helpful and I want it to be inclusive and I want it to be less about transactional worth and how the more that you put in, the more that you get out.”

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