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50. Demystifying the Akashic Records with Helen Vonderheide

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

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Today on Lit AF, I speak with Helen Vonderheide, a premier akashic records educator, practitioner, and speaker. After many years of studying and teaching the Akashic Records to countless students, Helen developed an innovative and inclusive approach to accessing this spiritual resource of infinite wisdom called Personal Pathways. Helen supports individual students and practitioners through the new curriculum in creating a personal pathway to Akashic Records and the Source of Your Consciousness. We learn about Helen's Akashic records practice, life as a film producer previously, and how she was drawn into records.

Helen explains that 'Akashic' comes from the Sanskrit word Akasha, which means sky. We are all embodiments of the Aakasha. "Anytime we have a feeling, a thought, or take action, it will register an impression in the field - the Akasha as being the field, the field of energy, and information. So the records are just the catalog of imprints."

Helen explains the feeling of what its like to connect to the records. She recounts the first time she had her records read. It is difficult for her to articulate the visceral feeling she had inside because whoever was talking to her knew her better than she knew herself. Similar is the case when she teaches the records to her students. After accessing their records, most of them say they felt like they were "home" talking to their guides.

While teaching the records to her students, she observed a split that half her students could access them, but the other half could not. And she wanted to make it inclusive for everyone. That is why, later, she came up with a practice that teaches people how to create their way of accessing their pathway. Everybody can also access their records in their unique ways. They can also decide who they want to work with - angels, galactic beings, people of different civilizations, etc.

Before coming across the Akashic records, Helen was into film production. When a film she strongly wanted to do did not happen, Helen was devastated. In that moment of darkness, she found herself asking more significant questions, like what she was doing with her life. Following this, she was introduced to the records and realized what she had been missing in her life.

Akashic records have been instrumental to Helen's transformative journey. Accessing them, she believes, has given her more support, guidance, and connection in life.

I'm sure you'll enjoy listening to Helen's story and Akashic practice today. Thank you for tuning in!

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Quotes from Helen Vonderheide:

“When I came to the records, and somebody else read them, for me, I felt like whoever she was talking to, knew me better than I knew myself. And that was so profound, because I've never experienced anything like in this human experience that had known me on such a deep level. And everything that was revealed to me was so illuminating, and it also sort of got me out of my head. And it just really felt like it brought me back to my center.”

“With my pathway, I specifically access the source of the Akashic records. And when I'm in the records for myself or other individuals, I work with Masters teachers and ancestors in addition to guardians. And so they each have their own area of expertise, the guardians, they're really like the protectors of the records. And they just let me have a shoulder view with them.”

“You get to choose whoever you want to work with. Some people want to work with angels, some work with galactic beings of light, they work with different councils, some people work with different civilizations. It's like the sky's the limit, which can be overwhelming. That's why really, people can just search their heart. Because whatever comes from the heart is going to be like the perfect frequency relationship with the energy.”

“In theory, you can get some information and guidance [from the records], and it will be really supportive. But if it isn't really showing up, then it's not, it's almost not a full circle. So you have to do this beautiful dance between this non-physical and physical world. And you just have to let it continue, continue to evolve and show up. And so that's why you just continue to check-in. Whenever you need to check-in, there's no schedule, it could be six months before someone opens their records again.”

“The records are our transformation, it's development, it's healing, [...] it's not smooth sailing. You're not going to just get what you want magically, you're going to transform at such a deep level that you don't have to go for it. It's just going to come to you. And that's the beauty of engaging in the records.”

“[After working with the records] the relationships in my life completely transformed. So I had certain relationships that actually were really negative and would bring me down and just would make me feel really bad. And I sometimes think, why am I in this friendship when I feel like garbage. So the records helped me see that. And I started to slowly let go, not to confront, but just like, make myself less available, and open myself up to relationships that may not have been there.”

“There's just new blossoming that emerges. So I have just seen lives radically transform to probably experiencing a deeper level of self-love and confidence that is attracting different relationships and opportunities and experiences.”

“When I go to meditate, it's like two of the same sides of a magnet trying to come together. And there's just a little bit of dance. And it is very hard for me to like, sit down and chant. And so what I find now in my meditation is that I opened up my records, and I make it more thoughtful, more intentional, like, I am not, as opposed to chanting for some of the things that I desire. ”

“It's kind of a process that someone has to work through, if that is the way that they received the energy. But that's the truth. I don't hear an outside voice. It's not a different tone, or cadence or vibration, it is inside of me.”

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