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1. How to sparkle on the inside and out with Cassandra Love Lambert

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

I interviewed Cassandra for my new podcast, Lit AF. I spoke with her about the inspiration behind her company, why she loves sparkles, and how she is staying sparkly during quarantine. I hope you enjoy!

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Cassandra Love Lambert (aka C-Love) is an artist like none other you’ve likely seen.

She is a mom first and foremost, and a published SF native that specializes in makeup & face/body paint, but is also the creator of the ever-growing C-Love Brand and Artist Platform.

Most people’s souls only reside on the inside. C-Love has the staggering ability to display someone’s inward beauty & power for the world to see by using multi-media makeup & art.

She has had the honor of loving and sparkling up over 10,000 faces after 8 years of working her magic. Bottle Rock, Outside Lands, Dirtybird Campout are just some of the events you can find her spreading the sparkle. She has also worked with clients like Apple, Google, Uber, Snapchat and so many more!! 

I had so much fun talking with Cassandra. It’s always nice to chat with a fellow sparkle lover. I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Show Notes:

I was so excited to interview Cassandra Love Lambert, the creator and CEO of C-Love and she sells amazing home dazzling kits. She and I did a tutorial you can watch here

During the interview, she and I discussed how to stay sparkly during this strange time. Here are some highlights. She was so open and honest and I was inspired by her ability to pivot and adapt.

Words from Cassandra:

“Thank you so much for having me, Sarah. I'm really excited to share some knowledge and wisdom with your people. Maybe inspire them in this time that's so crazy and also just keep this sparkle going in such a crazy, crazy time.”

I feel more myself when I'm bedazzled. It's my more natural state. And so like at home, cause I'm a mom, like I'm always in sweats and a bun and like don't really do much. And so like every once in a while putting the sparkles on my face like really breathe life back into me and makes me remember social since we can't go out, we can't be at the events sending anymore. Festival season is gone, concerts are gone, everything has gone right now. So it's just a way to breathe life back into our tribe.”

“So the beginnings are super kind of rough. I literally made the choice to be a single mom. It kind of freaked me out because I had no plan, it was just a choice. It was the most humbling experience of my life. I had to move back to my mom's and start over life from scratch with a baby on the way and in the midst of feeling heartbroken and feeling lost.”

“I had this small voice, an intuitive pull, to ask a friend if I could set up in the back of her night events and her events were at Supper Club in San Francisco. She said, yes. So I literally would tape signs above where I was sitting. It would say number one, say hi. Number two is sit down. Number three was become art. And I taped it above where I was sitting and people would sit with me, talk with me, rub my belly for good luck and then I would paint them. It just grew from there."


“I remember at one point I was just having so much fun doing my thing, sparkling up people at an event and I was just like, is it okay to like be this happy or love what you do this much? Like where it doesn't even feel like work. I had this guilt trip because most people hate their job. Most people hate going to work. And I was over here having a ball. In that moment I realized this is the way it's supposed to be. Work is supposed to be play. It's supposed to feel seamless and flow. You got to follow that.”

"Painting is very intuitive process for me. I'm not going to lie. I go into my zone and it's a no thinking zone. It's my artistic zone. It's where I get very connected to source and it just flows through. I'm a very energy person. So some things I'm not able to speak into words because I just feel them so deeply, but I can feel, and then channel what people need, whether it's colors or certain designs or strokes. Some people notice and some people don't. And it's okay. I don't necessarily market it because some people aren't into energy. But the ones who are, they comment to me like, Oh wow, I feel so relaxed. Or sometimes people go into a meditative state in my chair or they fall asleep."

“I like sparkles because they are so pretty. It reminds me of magic because the world can get very heavy and dark. I can't say I've had the most beautiful life. My life's been really hard and I think that sparkles just helped me remember that there is another side to things and there is magic and there is beauty and there is light even in the darkest times. 

“The best anti-aging antidote is actually laughter and play.”

“I stumbled upon EFT tapping and what I noticed with my brain is that I would feel it creating new neurological pathways after sessions. It was the same feeling I would get with EMDR therapy, which is a very well known therapy that helps with PTSD patients. I love doing the sparkles and this and that of course. But I also have this deep desire to touch people more deeply and really help them heal and transform things. I know how hard it is to live life feeling, alone, or not feeling normal, or feeling tortured sometimes because of the triggers that come up in everyday life.”

“I love being a part of that journey with people and holding that space because the most important piece to that is they have to feel safe in order to go there with you. It’s very healing inside out, outside in. You got to work both sides.”

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