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7. Career Coach Stefania Romeo Co-Founder of Virra Life

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

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“The same kind of realization came that had happened with me at Buzzfeed, where I said, I, I like the content of my role, but what I really love is guiding my team, seeing them into what they can really thrive in, be successful at, and feel good doing.”

“I think you can always learn something about yourself and find something out about what really lights you up and what you're good at in any experience that you have.”

“This stuff is coming up for you and it's related to what's happening in your life right now, but we're also carrying with us and you're carrying with you ancestral traumas and things that need to be cleared.”

“In our lowest moments, these are our sacred moments and we can really have a lot of clarity in them.”

“It’s a psychologically proven thing that it takes 21 days to start or break any habit. After that, it's going to feel really natural. So if you can just get yourself with anything over the 21 day mark it's going to feel easier.”

“We asked ourselves a few different questions that I often suggest when people are thinking about what do I want to start." 

  • What would you do if you weren't being paid for it? 

  • What did you love doing as a kid? 

  • What do you get completely lost in and lose track of time? 

“For anyone who's thinking about how they can work with someone better, whether they want to work with a cofounder or want a better relationship with their coworker, essentially assume positive intent.”

“A helpful place to start is to really think about what do you want the story of your life to be, and how can you work backward from that?”

“When we find our alignment, it will serve us. There's endless opportunity for us.”

“We finally have a seat at the table and sometimes it's the literal table and we're sitting around and we're in the room with all the people that we work so hard to get in the room with. And we find ourselves not saying anything.”

“A lot of times we don't speak because we feel like they already know, or that's not an important enough thing to say, but the truth is we, we are the only one with our unique perspective and no matter what your role is, no matter what you're doing, you have a unique perspective to give and unique experience.”

“Sometimes we don't speak up because we're really not interested.”

“Find time to be completely alone and completely without distraction every single day. Maybe that looks like a meditation practice, maybe that like a walk in nature, maybe that looks like sun gazing in the morning, whatever feels good to you carve out that time, because it will help you to be able to listen to yourself.”

“Saying no to the things that do not light you up as much as you can is also really going to help clear the space for you to be able to listen to yourself and know what you really like. “

“It's really important when we go through something like unemployment or underemployment when we don't want to be unemployed or underemployed that we have compassion for ourselves. And we recognize this is not our fault because when we get caught up in that it can really be blocking and block us.”

“Two things make life easier. One, having a great relationship with your intuition and two, not being afraid of change.” Neil Strauss

“We are the ones that we have been waiting for.” - Julie Piatt

“You are the owner of your life and you can create the life that you want to have and you have so much power.” 

“If you’re still alive it’s never too late to change.”

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