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49. Getting to know your inner boss babe with holistic biz coach Abbi Miller

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

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For today’s episode, I am happy to welcome Abbi Miller, an Austin-based yoga-teacher-turned-productivity-preacher who helps you run your business on purpose. We discuss productivity, feminine and masculine energies, and how to integrate the two. We also learn about Abbi’s Monday Magic method and how to incorporate your monthly cycle and moon energy into the workplace.

After over a decade as a wellpreneur running her holistic nutrition & yoga brand, Abbi went on to found Biz Babes Unite!™: a community offering impactful ceremonies and mastermind circles so women can approach work from a sacred place, dodge burnout & get the good shit done. As a Holistic Biz Strategist, Mentor, and Speaker, Abbi’s career has led her all over the globe from Greece to Morocco to Norway, sparking the minds and elevating the work of woke-creatives from Cameron Diaz to Shape Magazine to Create&Cultivate.

Abbi and I discuss her unique thoughts on productivity. It is fascinating to learn how she believes true productivity is about doing less. Abbi strongly believes in setting aligned goals with our values and doesn’t preach overworking yourself. She says her greatest joy is when her clients and herself get to a place of enoughness together.

We get into a fascinating discussion about masculine and feminine energies in the workplace. As there is a masculine side, or agile side of productivity, there also exists a feminine, regardless of whatever gender you identify as. “Masculine can be the hustle versus the flow, and the feminine can be the receptive, [...] masculine is almost like scheduling the goals, the to-do list. And then the feminine is like the flow, the muse, the spontaneity, the creativity, that response, so it is more interpersonal.” There needs to be a balance between the two. She also adds that different seasons of business for various industries require different energies.

Abbi also shares her Monday Magic method with us, which I have found to be a really holistic approach to business. You learn to check in with your body. That includes cycle syncing, moon syncing, planning your to-do list, and checking how the moon, body, and business align. This structure creates a lot of freedom for you.

We also discuss cycle syncing. I love how many times the work bleed came up in this episode! Syncing cycle is honoring your monthly cycle and working with the natural flow of energy through each of the four phases of follicular, ovulation, luteal, and menstruation. She reviews the different superpowers that come with each phase. Abbi encourages you to explore your cycle, get curious about your emotions and natural inclinations during each phase. Cycle syncing has changed the way her business flows.

Towards the end of the episode, we discuss intuition in the workplace and why it is so important to pay attention to intuition for people in a corporate setting. When you build a habit of listening to your intuition, you’ll start seeing that it sends you powerful messages that resonate with your energies.

Abbi’s thoughts on productivity are a must-listen for anyone who’s been wanting to work from the point of enoughness and neutrality. Tune in to learn the same from her!

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Quotes from Abbi Miller:

“I think if we do not question what our striving is for, if we do not come at our goal setting from a place of alignment with our values, our default is going to be to replicate what we see in society at large.”

“There's some of us in the very, very hyper feminine, where all we're doing is following the muse and we don't really have a schedule, or ritual or routine around work and productivity, and actually bringing in that masculine energy is what's healing and helpful.”

“We can really dodge burnout when we call in people that have different strengths than us, or they hold a space that we do not either easily occupy and or it's not our zone of fun or genius.”

“I think that there are ways to know ourselves and our self-boss in a kind way. You know, how we create our rituals and rhythms, aka our schedule, our goals, and things like that. And when we are in a setting where someone else is our boss, someone else is making our rituals and rhythms and we have a little bit less control of that, sometimes a lot of control depending on your job.”

“I love the lunar calendar, if you don't bleed, because it is very similar in energy, it can be kind of a fun mirror. And I love when I'm in sync when I'm bleeding. And it's a full moon. I'm like, Yes, double release. It feels very good magic.”

“I think that our intuition responds to our relationship with it. So if you have a ritual or habit of listening to your intuition, this could look like something like meditation, it could look like going on hikes, essentially, quieting the noise, so that you're listening to yourself and your body. So many people receive messages in different ways. I'm very somatic, my body is very much my messenger.”

“Trust the whisper. Often, the thing that makes you successful is the thing that makes you feel like a freak. The thing we're embarrassed about or the thing we get made fun of. That's often the thing that people love you for. I know that everybody's like, just be yourself, but I dare you to trust that who you are is enough.”

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