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8. A sound healing and conversation about psychic mediumship with clairvoyant Natalie Lobue

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Natalie Lobue. She is a sound healer, a clairvoyant counselor, she does energy work, and trans-medium healings. She's also a high priestess. And, my personal thing about her is she officiated my wedding. We talked about so many things. The healing journey of a high priestess. Chakras and their corresponding crystal bowl note. The astral plane, astrology, and archetypes. Her work is incredible and I learned so much about the different modalities that are used in sound healing.

Show notes:


“In seventh grade, I had this very profound, awakening of unity, consciousness of unconditional love. I was that little girl who was like, the plants are alive. I can feel that and the abundance of love and expansion.”

“It’s not really linear, I wish I was like, Oh, I knew I wanted to be a doctor and I went to med school, but it was more like just getting really curious about what's going on behind this.”

“Channeling is an internal process working from your crown chakra. That's your truth, your information, and your connection to the divine.”

“Whenever I do clairvoyant readings, I have my own internal process and my own meditation space, where I learned how to turn down my lower three chakras. That's survival information, that's emotional information. The third chakra would be like the pushy, control, resistance, information. And that helps me lift up into the center of my head or into my crown.”

“Healing always has this dynamic movement of contraction and expansion. Enlightenment and the lack thereof.”

“When we're using sound healing, we're going back to the building blocks of our structures of what we're holding energetically. And those can be thoughts, thought forms, patterns, beliefs, and it can also be pain in the body.”

“The other part of sound healing is resonance and matching, but then there's also entrainment and that's like pulling somebody out, getting them to match, say a different frequency, a different archetype of different myths and different realities.”

“Acutonics is a form of sound healing that incorporates psychology, mythology, and physiology.”

“ I see the heart chakra is really more about your own personal self affinity.”

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