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Improv Workshops

"I got so many compliments after the session how about how much fun everyone had playing the games Sarah set up for us. We left feeling more connected by knowing each other on deeper and more meaningful levels." - Marci Bennett, People Operations Manager, Plastiq


Corporate improv workshops fostering empathy, communication, and team work. 

These in-person and online workshops will have your team working together better than ever before. Contact us for your next all-staff, offsite, or team gathering.

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Why improv?

Improv is a powerful tool with many benefits. While it’s origins are in the theater it is widely practiced by many startups and businesses to foster team collaboration, public speaking, and inspiring out of the box thinking. 

Studies done on hospital teams showed that improv helped their staff members with empathy and collaboration which positively affected their work culture and patients for the better. 

Improv exercises work to bring your team together to create a more supportive team culture. Which will always help your bottom line.


It was a real TREAT to get to play with Sarah today! I immediately brought back two lessons from our day into our team at Unsettled. I know that's multiplied many times over for everyone who attended today.” - Michael Youngblood, CEO, Be Unsettled

About Sarah

Sarah Cohan is a San Francisco based comedian and personal growth advocate. She is also the host of the Lit AF podcast.


She has taught improv for over seven years to businesses, teams, and improv students. She is passionate about vulnerability and improving team dynamics.

Performance Reels

Standy Up Comedy @ Clusterfunk

Hosting Global Leadership Conference for Burning Man Project

Hosting AIDS/LifeCycle Orientation (watch the volume :)


“Sarah’s online improv workshop allowed me to take a break and participate in some fun improv exercises while working on useful skills like saying yes, listening and storytelling. It was well adapted for an online environment and to suit all levels. Highly recommended!”

- Kimberley Chan

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