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Lit AF is all about bringing depth, levity, and humor to personal and spiritual growth conversations.


The show features coaches, psychics, and creatives to help you on your personal and spiritual evolution.


Each episode feels like friends having a conversation in the room with you.

The goal of the podcast is to provide information, tools, and support to you on your personal and spiritual path.


Sarah Cohan’s life goal is to help you accept yourself exactly the way you are in this very moment, not when you have it all figured out.


Guests share their own stories and tools about healing, manifestation, building confidence, and spirituality.

I started Lit AF Podcast to share healing stories that were so essential to my own healing process.


I am a comedian and improviser and have dreamed my whole life of having a tv show. Starting a podcast was a natural first step along this path.


I started by interviewing people that I knew that lit me up. This included coaches, human design readers, authors, and creatives.


Personal and spiritual growth is a passion of mine and I love sharing conversations with guests in this field.

Why did I
start Lit AF?

What's the purpose of Lit AF?

Lit AF features conversations about important topics like childhood trauma, body image, racism, and sexuality.


The purpose of Lit AF is for listeners to feel connected through shared human experiences and accept themselves exactly as they are.

Lit AF strives for radical inclusivity and prioritizes guests that represent BIPOC and LGBT populations.

Lit AF has currently published 55+ episodes and counting. Currently the show has 10,000+ listens from people in 37 countries. We want to continue to grow to bring meaningful conversations to people that need it most.

Several listeners have reported that they learned about new therapy modalities from the podcast and it inspired them to seek therapy.

How can you support Lit AF?


On average the cost of producing Lit AF is $1,100 per month. Costs cover recording softwares, contractors to edit the show, a mastermind training program, and other things like recording equipment.


This total does not include Sarah’s time booking guests, recording and publishing episodes.


Please help support the production costs of Lit AF.


Your support helps other listeners find connection, support, and tools on their own personal and spiritual growth path.

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Make a one-time donation with Venmo or Paypal. 

(Find Sarah on venmo @sarah-cohan-1)

THANK YOU!!!! From the bottom of my heart. It is an honor to serve the Lit AF community.

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