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43. Healing the root cause of health issues with Dr. Renee Hubka

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Lit AF Podcast guest Dr. Renee Hubka

For today’s episode, I am delighted to welcome Dr. Renee Hubka, a Certified Naturopathic Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist, homeopath, and holistic healer. Dr. Renee has a deep love and passion for Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine that comes out of personal experiences. Listen in as we talk about energetic medicine, homeopathy, and see how it cures many common problems that include infertility and eating disorders.

Dr. Renee believes that most physical and mental problems develop out of trauma and initiate a lot of different emotions in us. Trauma or unacknowledged feelings entrap energy inside the body or in various organs, which cause disease and disharmony. According to Chinese medicine, every organ houses a specific emotion and has an organ pair. Whatever causes unrest in us is rooted inside the organ pair, leading to health disorders.

Dr. Renee shares she had eating disorders from a very young age. Growing up around an abusive father, the death of her maternal grandparents who were a major support system for her, and helping her sister through a major illness, caused her to mature sooner than many kids. Not addressing her emotional needs resulted in a build-up of problems inside her body.

She gradually realized that allopathic Western medical care was not the only way to heal. She wanted to understand the root cause of the disease and how to fix it naturally. From this curiosity and determination to heal herself, Dr. Renee began to take her health into her own hands. And the healing began when her friend in medical school suggested she see an acupuncturist and homeopath. There she trained, got a master’s in Chinese medicine, and everything began to change for the better!

“15 years of being in the healing world makes you good at what you do.” In this episode, we dig into the root causes of infertility, chronic illnesses, thyroid issues and learn the working of different organs in the body. Dr. Renee also discusses dermatology and dealing with dermatological problems such as acne, psoriasis, rosacea and severe rashes. We learn how to work through trauma to make our body the actual temple that it is.

Dr. Renee teaches us not to lose hope and take care of our bodies. How has the conversation helped you change the way you feel about your body? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you for joining in!

Show Notes:

Resources Discussed:

Book Spirit Babies by Walter Makichen

Quotes from Dr. Renee Hubka:

“My philosophy is that most physical disease and mental health issues stem from trauma in our lives, trauma during childhood, generational trauma, unacknowledged unprocessed emotions and things that aren't seen, felt heard, etc.”

“I think it's so important to feel your feelings around the trauma, but hopefully being able to get to the goal, which is feeling gratitude for it, and love for it, because it helps you really blossom and heal.”

“Usually, there's some kind of imbalance happening within possibly the root chakra, which is below it, or the second Sacral Chakra, which is our womb or uterus. So oftentimes, if people are having a really hard time getting pregnant, there's a lot of trauma ancestrally, or within their own personal lifetime that they need to address and see.”

“I kind of realized he wasn't a safe place to be around, like that's when a lot of my anxiety started and my kind of consciousness awareness kicked in.”

“Homeopathic drainage. Biotherapeutic drainage is homeopathic combination remedies that help open up and reset and reprogram the homeostasis in your body in terms of like, your organ function, your cellular function.”

“I find that a lot of people that have a really hard time getting pregnant, they have a lot of trauma with their family and family dynamics and relationship dynamics. And that needs to, it's so painful for them to go there and look at it, but we get to do it together in a really safe space, which makes it enjoyable and empowering to go through instead of scary.”

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