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If you’re looking to find or create a lasting relationship you’ve probably heard that communication is the key to making it work longterm.


Unfortunately where most people get lost is using people-pleasing or indirect communication to get their point across.


Without clearly sharing your needs and boundaries with the people you’re dating or in a relationship with you’ll end up resenting them and waste a lot of time stewing in your own emotions or worse starting over again and again because you don’t feel safe speaking up about what you want.


That’s why understanding your attachment style will help you start to understand how to feel safe to directly communicate your needs and boundaries to others so they understand what you want and need in any situation.


This free quiz that takes less than 5 minutes to complete will help you understand how to communicate openly and honestly about your needs and boundaries so that other people are able to honor your needs and respect your boundaries which will make you feel safe and supported in a loving relationship.


Take the first step to create lasting secure love.

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