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59. Taking Back Tarot with Lindsay Mack

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Photo of Lindsay Mack
Photographer: Becca Blevins

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This week’s episode features Lindsay Mack, the creator of Soul Tarot and host of the Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast. We start the conversation with a tarot card pull and then we discuss life transitions. Lindsay shares about her first trimester of pregnancy and taking a break from recording her podcast. We then talk about how she uses tarot as a tool to support her healing from child abuse and PTSD. The way she uses the tarot is so inspiring. We discuss her Soul Tarot method of the cards being for us and not us so that each card is an insightful gift. We then go on to discuss her approach of inclusivity in her work as well as inclusivity in the tarot. This conversation is very inspiring to look at tarot in a whole new inclusive and gentle way.

Show notes:

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Resources Discussed:

Quotes from Lindsay Mack:

“So with the lovers, we have this really potent invitation to think about what we are uncomfortable holding about ourselves. What is beautiful, what's really lovable. What's really special. What is miraculous and delicious about us? That feels like it's a little bit too much to admit that we've got.”

“There's so much quiet oppression and harm in a great deal of the way we learn tarot in a traditional sense.”

“Every card is coming to the door with some kind of gift, something for you rather than to you.”

“The medicine of tower is for you because typically we're building these towers on top of some kind of foundation that's not quite fully sound. And we can spend our whole lives trying to retrofit the tower so that we don't really have to raise it.”

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