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33. *Astro update* and rewiring your brain with Jana Roemer

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

I always knew astrology was powerful and mystical. But there is more to it than I could possibly understand. And my guest today showed me those parts of it which were even more beautiful and subtle. I'm excited to share with you today my conversation with Jana Roemer, who introduces to us the rejuvenating practices of Yoga Nidra and explains how it connects to the very soul of our existence!

Jana is the founder, brainchild, creator, and mastermind behind Attune to the Moon, where she teaches us how to build a relationship with the stars using the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra.

Jana Roemer has come to devote her life to the practice of yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, and astrology because these were the exact medicines she needed. An overly critical, busy mind paralyzed her abilities at different times in her life, but through study and practice, she has experienced a complete rebirth of her mind space. After a decade of training yoga teachers through 200 & 300-hour trainings, Jana has devoted her service to training guides of the ancient practice of yoga nidra, as well as her own signature blend of astrology and yoga nidra, Astro Nidra.

She starts the interview with an astrology update for March and April. "When you look at the day something's gonna happen, that always tells you a little bit more about the thing that's happening." And you'll be happy to learn that today's day, according to Jana, brings "fun in relationships and harmony in abundance." There's a trove of insights she offers to us on planets and their influence on our day-to-day lives.

Jana tells us how Attune to the Moon came about and how she turned to Yoga Nidra and used astrology to create her own Astro Nidras. She was a regular meditator for eight years before being a mom. And after becoming a mother, she got even closer to the practice because it was so restorative. She also shares how she got to astrology after a Yoga Nidra session at Love Yoga in Venice, California. She was guiding a class and had been theming a few of them on astrology, and people happened to love it. There weren't many new people coming in but the people who came once kept coming back again and again.

Her students suggested she offer the teachings online. And when she did, it actually drew more people in. There were a lot of people who wanted to learn what she offered.

She discusses her teachers Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, and Gregg Braden. They are unique in their teachings to inculcate science and spirituality. She also talks about going into coherence within ourselves and adds that "when we go into a community coherence, the power of transformation is amplified. Because we are connected through this shared practice. So when you have an awakening experience or a transformative experience inside your practice, it actually amplifies someone else’s ability to go into a transformative experience in their practice."

Another key topic of discussion has been the concept of Sankalpa and how it related to neuroscience. According to Jana, Sankalpa is a statement of remembering and the tool that helps us to build that neurological architecture, allows us to see our own brilliance, and live from our own genius. She described it as the fertilizer to the seed that is already within us.

I am still afloat in Jana's teachings. Trust me when I say that this episode has a lot more to offer than what I have put into words. If you wish to have a glimpse of the vast world of astrology, and Yoga Nidra, tune in and dive into its offerings!

Show notes:

Resources Discussed:

Quotes from Jana Roemer:

“Pluto is masterful at helping us let things go whether we want it or not, it will rip it out of your hands if it's not yours anymore.”

“And so don't be afraid to let go of that branch because the other branch is already there, and you've got a hold on it. So let the other one go and jump fully into where you're headed.”

“The seeds of it have been inside of me for a very long time, it took a while for them to germinate.”

“I still don't want to deal with the tech side of things at all. You know, that's not what lights me up. It's not what I accelerate at, it's contracted for me. I just want to be on the creative side of things.”

“The technology behind what I'm sharing is rooted in neuroscience and the mystical sciences.”

“The only source of where you belong in this world is what it feels like inside of you. And when you have an intimate relationship with that feeling inside of you every interaction you have in the world is easy to recognize if it's a fit or not.”

“There's a difference between the process of getting you into this, as the process of Yoga Nidra and the state itself. And the process of Yoga Nidra would be the lineages, like, it would be the techniques you are going through the coaches which are the layers of the body, so the food body like our physical body, our energetic body, our mental-emotional body, our intuitive body, and our bliss body. Those are the coaches. And that's really the foundation of a lot of different lineages of Yoga Nidra. “

“In that state of coherence, all faculties of awareness are on the same page with each other, it's like you've sharpened your focus. And inside of that focus, we're able to see the seed thought, or the seed belief, that is keeping us small, keeping us limited, having us believe that we're not worthy, having us think that, you know, somebody else could do it better than us, or stay in the compare game, or whatever it is."

“I think that understanding community, relationships, and culture, all of it through astrology, it builds compassion, understanding, it allows us to find harmony points through harmonics instead of sameness. It gives license to respect diversity, it honors and respects the unique position that everybody holds in the world. So, that's my answer to that. I just think it's so important.”

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