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12. Entrepreneur Mindset Tips with Business Coach Jane Hamill

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Jane is a former clothing designer and Chicago boutique owner. She ran a wholesale and retail business for many years, selling her products to Bloomingdale’s, Sak’s, Macy’s, and more.

Now Jane runs a monthly coaching program called List Builders. She teaches creative entrepreneurs and business owners how to market and sell more products.

We discuss how she got started, how to calm the crazy brain, and her top tips on having on having an entrepreneur mindset. She does all of this with a wonderful dose of humor. I had a blast talking with her.

Show Notes:

Quotes from Jane Hamill: "When you design something and somebody wears are doing this amazing service for the world."

"Even after all these years, you think I have it all together. And I do trust that it's going to work and I am taking my own medicine that niching down is important and it is the key to success. And it's still really hard."

"If I don't keep the things between the ears on task, it all falls apart."

"I don't know what goal you want, but I know the way sometimes what helps me to figure out what do I want is to think about what experience have I been through that I never want to experience again."

"You need to love [your business] so much that even when you've put so much time in, you're not resentful for it."

"Brooke Castillo said something like, if change is uncomfortable for you and you're having a hard time change faster, then your discomfort will be shorter. "

Jane’s Entrepreneur Mindset Tips:

  • Sit with your wins. Write down how fucking amazing you are and the things that you actually accomplished.

  • Have a seriously short memory. Talk to yourself rather than listen to yourself.

  • Perfect is good but done is better. 

"The biggest mistake that I see is people just don't do stuff. They talk about doing stuff. They think about doing stuff. They're going to send an email. They don't want to send an email."

Jane’s Crossover Exercise:  Take a sheet of paper, turn it sideways and make three columns. Write down without any regard to actually making money or a business model all the things you love to do. Then write down what people will pay for. Is there a crossover between the two? Write what the crossover is in the middle column.

"I think of it like a three-legged stool. So if you're going to get started with a business, do you have all three things? Are you number one, filling up yourself? Like if it feels like, I think it's cool, what I'm doing, it's a really cool thing. Number two, fills them up. You’re serving the world, you're serving the planet. You're serving the client in some way. And number three monetizes at the same time."

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