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37. Stepping into your worth with Atarah Valentine

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

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Today's guest is Atarah Valentine, a musician and a neural manifestation coach for To Be Magnetic. We discuss the importance of stepping into your own self-worth. We cover so many topics including treating ourselves as well as we treat others, codependency, and his tips on how to make big life changes like starting to exercise and eating healthy. Atarah's story is so inspiring and he shares so much wisdom on this episode on how to raise your self-worth.

Atarah discusses his own process of raising his own self-worth. He studied many programs including the work of Joe Dispenza, Marissa Peer, and To Be Magnetic. Much of that work was not buying into every single thought in our brain. Atarah recommends “do as much internal work as possible before you even start really setting your eye on their manifestations”. This is so you are actually manifesting things that you truly desire.

We discussed the topic of codependency and how it stems from childhood. I really appreciated the way he broke down the definition of codependency. “When we're the person who's showing up from a codependent mindset, we are selfish because we're actually using all of the people around us to create opportunities for ourselves to feel good.”

Atarah also discussed the importance of rest in our lives. While it may seem counterintuitive taking breaks and taking care of ourselves can actually make us more productive. And can eventually lead to making bigger changes in our lives life incorporating a healthier diet and an exercise routine.

I’m just barely scratching the surface here. This conversation goes deep into so many different topics to raise self-worth. I have learned so much from Atarah about overcoming my abusive childhood, ending codependency, and stepping into my full creativity. Listen to the full episode to hear his incredible story.

Show notes:

Topics Discussed:

To Be Magnetic

Lacy Phillips

Joe Dispenza

Marissa Peer

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)


Subconscious reprogramming

Neural pathways

Habit stacking

Weight loss


Hypnotic therapy




Quotes from [insert guest name]:

“In a time when things are so divided and everybody's so divisive, if we can actually understand, we're all here having an experience and if we can treat each other with the level of decency that we're looking to be treated with, we'd be in a much better place. And that's especially in our relationship to ourselves, right. Because we don't save any of that for us.”

“When we're the person who's showing up from a codependent mindset, we are selfish because we're actually using all of the people around us create to create opportunities for ourselves to feel good.”

“We tend to make things more complicated than they need to be because we can rationalize why we don't have to do them all the time. If you actually are really quick about your journaling, it's almost like speed writing, where if we just sit and we answer, and we're not thinking, we're actually bypassing the critical area of our mind and we're getting a direct line to our subconscious.”

“You want to start eating healthier, great...Let's just reel it in and change a meal. Start creating a small habit. We can work on the production of it later...but let's work on carving things out in a manageable way so that we can hold on to them.”

“Be patient with yourself in your process. I know I sound very matter-of-fact and the way I'm speaking about things, but it took me my whole life, honestly, to get to this point. It took me four years of really intense work to get to this point where I'm showing up as I am without insecurities. I'm not trying to put something on to be something that people need me to be. It was a slow process. Allow yourself to live that process and not rush anything because there's no reason that you can't change the things that you want to change. You just have to be realistic about what that looks like and just be open to the process.”

“We don't manifest based on our conscious thought, we manifest based on our subconscious belief system so we can have a life or calling a life that we actually don't feel like we deserve that, we're not deserving of that, we don't believe it is possible, that we haven't seen around us, we tend to create the things that we are expanded.”

“If we can be a little bit more patient, and commit to ourselves a month or two to just really look inside of ourselves, we actually come through those two months, much more accelerated than we would if we were just looking for the answers outside of us.”

“I love making a new habit and I love shaping myself and redefining myself especially being a reflector in human design. It's like so part of my nature to constantly be something different right and learn something different.”

“Everybody has their social mask that they put on to try and come across the way that they think they need to in order to be accepted. And when we do that, we're not really allowing people to connect with our spirit and who we actually are, we're only allowing them to see a projection of who we are.”

“If you can actually sit there and feel the ginger and smell the ginger and just be in your body and be living that moment that's not wasting time that's actually fully appreciating time.”

“If we can actually just sit and write into the questions like that and not overthink things, it's a really good way to get the most out of the cognitive part of that work.”

“It's not until we're eight or nine years old, that we can actually critically think and start operating out of our conscious mind, and take contrasting thoughts and opinions and understand how we show up and what we think about those things. It's just so interesting because it is this battle between consciously what you think you want, and then what your subconscious is telling you is actually possible.”

“Wasting time is never being present in your life. It doesn't matter how much you're doing if you don't feel emotionally connected to it, if you're not even experiencing what you're doing, you're wasting time.”

“Would you rather change your life and then slowly be able to show up as the person that you are? The more that you're changing yourself internally, because that's what happens, the more we believe it here in our mind the more physically we start showing up is that.”

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