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45. Talking with spirits with The Spirit Guide Coach Aja Daashuur

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Today’s guest is Aja Daashuur, The Spirit Guide Coach founder of Spirit House Collective. Meet Aja Daashuur, a spiritual counselor who specializes in connecting people with their unique Spiritual team. Aja acts as the bridge between people and their guides and helps them deepen their connection to their higher self.

Spirituality is at the core of Aja’s work. Today, she takes us through her inspiring story learning about her psychic abilities, discovering her mediumship, and deciding to bridge her life coaching practice with the mediumship. We also discuss personal sovereignty and its importance in transmedium work.

Aja believes we are all our own gurus and that the people we meet along our way in life- mentors, teachers, spirits, friends, and family-guide us to become our own healers.

Aja’s quest to find out more about herself really began when she felt ungrounded and lost in life’s journey. Entering her 30s and experiencing a decade-long depression, Aja found a shaman that helped unlock her spiritual gifts.

Aja made the brave choice to start making decisions based on feelings rather than perception. She realized that her decisions of the present were wholly made out of external influences, her parents’ choices, or out of the want to be accepted in society. She mustered the courage to make brave choices based on her own feelings and eventually learned how to connect to her spirit guides.

Most of her work, as Aja shares, revolves around connecting with the dead. She shares how she does that through automatic writing and how her spirit guide helped her uncover the process. Cultivating a spiritual relationship with her spirit guide helped in understanding unearthly boundaries and controlling her impulsive excitement.

Aja explains how she started listening to her spiritual guide. She also explains the reason why past, present, and future life regressions are so important. They connect the patterns and the cycles that we’ve experienced in all of these different lives.

I find myself still afloat in Aja’s words. Listen in to experience the magnitude of Aja’s wisdom for yourself!

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Quotes from Aja Daashuur:

“Spirituality is really about getting to know yourself on a deeper level. So you can provide for yourself in a way that is continuous, continuously inspiring, and expansive.”

“If you're able to stay grounded, to put in the hours and the hard work to dive deeper into yourself, you can demand everything that you wish to manifest for yourself and create it.”

“The bulk of my work is connecting to people’s spiritual teams so that they can receive just more clarity and around where they're going. And honestly understand that they're never alone. And there's support there. If they wish to open themselves up to it and receive it.”

“Once I realized that I needed to focus on feelings versus perception, I was able to really dive into again, myself and my spiritual journey and make choices that changed my life purely based on my heart versus on you know, a paycheck, or, you know, a certain type of house, etc. And that, honestly, has been the foundation of my spirituality and life.”

“If we have a desire, and a commitment to work on healing ourselves, the opportunities that can arise from that will completely change the landscape of your entire life for the better.”

“I started because I wanted people to have as many resources as possible each month to kind of begin to strengthen their psychic muscle in a community environment. Because your spiritual awakening can also feel incredibly isolating.”

“Regression and future life progressions are in parallel. [...] It's like this card, all of these things are just giving us more information about ourselves, which can help us feel more comfortable about ourselves, love ourselves more. And then again, make tangible choices and decisions that move us forward versus keeping us in place.”

“I've seen people completely change their lives through their connection with their guides; quit jobs, move out of the country, move out of state, get divorced to get married, start new businesses. I've seen people completely begin to know themselves and love themselves.”

“I'm sure there are people that are absolutely addicted to psychic readers. And none of that is healthy.”

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