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23. Tips for Setting Goals Sarah’s Story

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

On today’s show, I review my 2020 goals, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s a real doozy and I feel like throwing up just thinking about sharing these with all of you. It’s real, it’s vulnerable, and it’s a lot of numbers. BUT I really do think being honest and sharing is super important to help you set and achieve your goals. So, go on this journey with me to learn what goals I set for myself, what goals I met and what goals will I never ever consider setting for myself again.

Here’s a little taste of the kind of goals we’re looking at. The first goal on my list reads “lose more weight”. ‘Scuse me while I vom...again. This is a very 2019 goal for me. I have come to learn over the course of this year that neither my weight nor my physique have anything to do with my worthiness as a human being. Sidenote *we are all inherently worthy human beings*. Full stop. Lately, I’ve come to think that one of the many reasons I was put on this earth was to rock a full figure body. So, it’s time to start rocking it and stop hating on it.

More examples include:

Quit smoking, drinking alcohol, and caffeine

Create a deeper relationship with my husband

Create a platform for a career in entertainment

Pay off $15,826 of credit card debt

Save $24,000

Here are my tips for setting achievable goals:

  1. Think big but also achievable. At the end of this year you will want to look back on your list and check a lot of boxes.

  2. Think way outside of just material things. Creating a deeper relationship with my husband has led to achieving other goals like cultivating a weekly budgeting practice. When you are making your list think about the following areas in your life, spiritual, mental, physical, social, financial, career, and family.

  3. Once you’ve created your list go through each item one by one and ask yourself the following questions. Be honest, positive self-talk will not help you here.

    1. Why do I want to achieve this goal?

    2. How do I feel about someone that has achieved this goal?

    3. Imagine you have achieved this goal, how do you feel about this version of you?

  4. Process your feelings and start showing yourself real-life examples of people achieving your goals to help your subconscious see and believe that it is possible.

Want to work on goal setting together? Join my 2021 goal setting workshop on Wednesday, January 6th, 5-7 pm PST. I will provide worksheets, tools, and a framework to achieve your goals. We’ll start by reviewing your goals and accomplishments from 2020. Then we’ll set new goals for the following year. And finally, we will discover your limiting beliefs around your goals so you are set up for success. As a bonus, I will also share a mid-year worksheet so you can check in mid-way through 2021 and see how you’re doing.

Show notes:

  • What were your goals in 2020? DM me on Instagram @itsmesarahcohan

  • Sign up for Lit AF Goal Setting Workshop here

Resources Discussed:

Quotes from Sarah:

If your subconscious is not down for what you actually want, then it's never going to allow you to get there.

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