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24. How to read an aura and all of its colors with Leahanna Rovere

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Today’s guest is aura

reader Leahanna Rovere. We discuss all things aura and energy-related, how to read an aura, what aura reading colors show up, and the chakra system as it relates to the aura.

She discusses what happens to our auras in relationships. And how they can shift over time. She reviews whacks, holes, and chords that can attach to our auras.

We also discuss aura colors. How they are revealed to her and what the different colors represent. She also points out that colors are very personal and unique to all of us. One person’s happy yellow can be another person’s dark black.

She finishes the episode with an aura protection exercise. It’s a really good exercise to gracefully practice boundaries. I’ve used it a few times this week and have found it to be really helpful.

Also, in the spirit of gifting, it is the holidays, after all, Leahanna is giving away a free online aura reading. So, wherever you live the aura reading is nearby. To enter follow both of our Instagrams, @leahanna_rovere and @itsmesarahcohan, AND signup for the Lit AF newsletter here. We’ll notify the winner next week on Instagram.

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Show notes:

Resources Discussed:

Kiki the Opulent Witch - Expanded Podcast Episode

Lacy Phillips - To Be Magnetic

Quotes from Leahanna Rovere:

“Your aura is the space around you. It's the energetic field around you. We are energetic beings and we do produce a small amount of electricity. So you can think of it as the electromagnetic field around you.”

“When I sit in a meditative space and I'm tapping into someone's aura, there's just colors flying everywhere. It's like more of the energy. I don't necessarily see a perfect form around someone.”

“There's a lot of talk about boundaries right now, which I love and kind of tuning in and checking in with your aura is a great way to see how your energy is around you.”

“You can get holes in your aura where the energy just is not moving at all. That can happen in a traumatic event. If you maybe have a car accident or something like that.”

“A healthy aura is they say about three feet all around. I think of it if you stick your arms out, like arm's length all around your body.”

“I see a lot of events in readings from childhood. You develop certain patterns in your life to heal from an event that might've seemed really small, but really had an effect on you. So you hold that in your aura and it affects how you interact with your environment. It affects how you feel about yourself. It can stick around for a long time.”

“I definitely do see colors and those colors are the kind of the first thing that come through. And then it's more tapping in with that color. What kind of qualities does that color have? Does it feel light and airy or more heavy and dense? What emotions come through with that color?”

“So really I'm just witnessing what's happening. A lot of times the energy that shows up first is like the energy that's on its way out.”

“My interest in providing readings is to help people create what they want in this life. Because I think that the ability to manifest is very real.”

“Sometimes we have patterns in our lives and we don't even realize that it's connected to a certain family member or to a certain past event. When you get that communication, you're able to get rid of it. When I go into a meditative space and look at someone's aura, like I said, a lot of times the energy that's showing up is on its way out. So I just kind of help to usher that energy through. And then as that energy exits, I tap into see what energies are coming in. And those energies that are coming in is the healing energy that the reading is bringing in.”

“Grounding myself is very important. I call it running my energy. I first ground myself and then I collect new earth energy. I connect to the cosmos and then I run those through certain energy channels in my body to kind of create new energy to clean out old energy. And then I turn down my lower chakras, like I said, your first and your second chakras have to do with survival information and then your emotions. So turning down those two chakras sends the message to my body that it's okay, I'm totally safe sitting in this chair. I'm not hungry. I don't need to run from something that's going to attack me.”

“I personally work with the imagery of roses and I like roses because they're big and beautiful. And you know, people love to look at roses, but there's a lot of protection there. There are those thorns and the stock is very thick. So I like to imagine at the edge of my aura, just one Rose, maybe one in each direction, one in front, on either side and behind me. And I imagine those roses just collecting any energy that's directed towards me. That's not going to serve me. And really, if it's positive to just let that Rose absorb any energy that doesn't belong in my space.”

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