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57. Transition and Shedding with Ellen Bowles

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

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This week’s episode features astrologer, tarot reader, and spiritual doula Ellen Bowles. She recently published the book Astrology SOS and has been featured in Bustle, Well + Good, Romper, and Pop Sugar. We start the episode with a tarot card pull for the Lit AF community. Ellen shares her personal spiritual journey and how she started to connect with her guides and ancestors. She comes from a bi-cultural family and talks about how she incorporates her West African and Celtic ritual practices. She helps me understand how tarot helps me connect with my guides. We then go on to discuss processing the period of transition and shedding that we’re currently in. Ellen invites us to look at life like a breath, with periods of expansion and contraction. This conversation definitely expanded me in so many directions.

Resources Discussed:

Quotes from Ellen Bowles:

“I think just the way society is structured and capitalism is structured we're expected to produce constantly all the time. I think everyone's a creative being and naturally we have this intuitive schedule that tells us when to actually work and when to rest.”

“Ancestral healing is a huge part of my work. And I think as a bi-racial person, it's very important for me to do this work too.”

“It's okay to get frustrated with your guides.”

“Tarot cards are really just affirming what's intuitively being downloaded for you.”

“I think that we were collectively forced into a place of isolation and reflection to learn more about ourselves.”

“Life is always breathing and anything that feels like resistance isn't in alignment. So like treating our life existence as a form of breath and inhaling and exhaling easily and smoothly. Anything in your life or any aspect in your life where you feel some sort of challenge or resistance is usually something that's being asked to be changed.”

“I think there are a lot of people, they lean so much into the lighter side of spirituality. So much sometimes to the point where they start to become avoidant. And you know, I think it's also because we're constantly marketed this idea that spirituality is a path and a journey that leads to this point of enlightenment where you're untouchable, where your healing is done, you know?”

“I'm a healer, but I'm not somebody to put on a pedestal.”

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