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58. Sarah's Story - Chasing Freedom

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

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This episode is a few musings on what it means to be chasing freedom. Full disclosure I channeled this topic during a recent akashic records reading. I decided to honor the theme that I wrote down through automatic writing and talk about what chasing freedom means to me. Freedom is very important to me. And I recently made some big changes in my life to follow freedom. I talk about these changes including quitting my job, starting two very different businesses, and the unintended consequences of chasing freedom. I finish the episode sharing what freedom means to me now and my next steps to foster freedom in my life. If you’re thinking of making big life changes or you are in the entrepreneur space this episode is for you.

Quotes from Sarah Cohan:

“We have this idea that we need to use someone else as a priest to connect with spirit.”

“As a kid, freedom was kind of all that I wanted.”

“And all of the sudden, all of this freedom feels a little chaotic.”

“I needed to do a lot of internal work in order to put myself out there on a weekly basis.”

“It's almost like chasing freedom without realizing the unintended consequences of what happens when I do chase that freedom.”

“Growth and what the soul wants can be really, really, really scary to the subconscious and the ego.”

“Self-sabotage to me now represents my subconscious operating in the literal best way that it knows how.”

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